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Gel Nails Write For UsGel nails are far more durable, particularly compared to natural nails. In addition, they will keep your nails looking lovely and shiny for a more extended period. Enamels can even last up to 15 days on gel nails. The finish is flawless, with more intense colour and an exceptional shine.

Not to mention that the product completely dries in the cabin, so the client keeps leaving with her nails ready and without the risk of shading. Finally, it is an excellent choice for people who have trouble growing their nails because it helps protect the natural nails while they develop and strengthen.

Continuous use of gel nails can exasperate brittle nails in people with a history of them. It is due to nail removal, as false gel nails are more difficult to remove than other false nails. Sometimes, sanding the gel is required, which can neutralize the nails. Others will need you to soak the customer’s nails in nail polish remover. It can cause dryness and softening of natural nails.

Furthermore, as time passes, the organic nail grows and, eventually, becomes visible. It’s a minor detail, but it’s worth mentioning because it can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Gel Nails Types

  • We have two types of gel nails available in the market. Hard gel nails and Soft gel nails.
  • Soft gels are easy will remove with acetone. But Hard gel will not remove easily.


Gel nails always look beautiful. If you wear these nails at parties, any marriages and functions will show a very nice and grand look. That way, all women wear gel nails on occasions.

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