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Genetics Write For UsGenetics is the complete understanding of an organism’s chromosomes, DNA, genome, genes, etc. This Genetics word adopted from the Greek word. William Bateson is one of the English biologists. In 1905 he described the generics word. In Genetics, we can learn about genes. The role of Genes in Genetics is, They pass genes from one generation to another generation. Like a father to son to grandsons.

In our life, our grandfather’s genes come from our father. So our father’s genes will come to us; this is called Genetics.

Every human does not have the same body type; someone has Brown eyes, black eyes, back hair,  brown skin, or white skin, and someone thin, tall, strong, or weak comes from genes. Not only body type but genes through we have some diseases also; if someone has diabetes, there are chances of getting this diabetes to someone in their family. Not only debate lot of diseases form genes.

Genes are part of the DNA in our body. DNA is not the same in everyone; Every human has different DNA. But it will match only their genes. It will not match any other person. Every human physical and biological, depends on DNA.

Genes and DNA are stored in chromosomes; Every human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each pair of chromosomes has two similar genes. But they have different versions of genes. In Each pair, the chromosomes are one for the mother and one for the father come from Genes.

How do Genetic Disorder Happen

Genetic disorders have many types; when both parents are related to the same genes, then some child affected by Genetic disorders.

Some diseases come from gens through, like cancer and sugar. Fatness also forms genetic around.

Genetic disorders. When chromosomes change in our body,  then Genetic disorders will happen. Sometimes the chromosome part is missing then it will happen. Genetic disorders have many tips, but we can’t avoid this if you affect this problem.

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