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Top Shag Hair Cuts – About, Types, and More

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Shag Hair Cuts

Shag Hair Cuts – A shag haircut is a hairstyle that has been layered in different lengths. Hairstylist Paul McGregor created it. The cloaks are often feathered at the top and sides. The layers make the hair complete around the crown, and the hair is thinned to fray at the edges. The shag is perfect for medium to thick and straight, wavy or curly hair. It’s a cut for all lifestyles. It is easy to maintain and shows the natural texture of the hair.

The shag is one of the most iconic haircuts out there. Although there are many variations of shag, they all feature the same layered finish. Today’s modern haircut is about choppy texture and an effortless cool-girl vibe.

Types Of Shag Hair cuts

1. Shag Hair Cuts for Long Hair

Whereas the classic shag haircut is usually seen on medium-length hair, long-haired women can also rock the layered style. Layers add movement and dimension while shedding some weight, making the long bob cut ideal for those with thicker hair. At the same time, the front layers frame your face nicely so that it doesn’t get lost in the bulk of your hair.

2. Medium Shag Hair Cuts

Medium Shag Hair Cuts

Medium-length hair is classic for the shag haircut as all the layers frame and flatters the face. Low maintenance and effortlessly cool, a medium haircut suits almost all face shapes. Also, it is a versatile option as it suits various hair types. In particular, straight, acceptable hair benefits from the added texture, volume, and movement of a shag – add some sea salt spray to give it a smooth, undone finish.

3. Modern Shag Hair Cuts

The modern shag haircut is more wearable than the classic 70s version. It features the signature choppy layers of shag and fullness at the crown but is often razor cut for a smoother look. Softer and more feminine environment. Your stylist will style the cut to frame your face and balance your structures. A youthful, fresh, and effortlessly chic haircut takes you from day to night without styling.

4. Curly Shag Hair Cuts

The shag haircut isn’t just for women with straight hair; it also looks fantastic on a head full of bouncy curls! If you admire the 70’s look, curly hair is an excellent option for you. While the layers are less visible than straight or wavy hair, they add movement and direction to your tresses.

5. Straight Shag Hair Cuts

The original shag haircut was on straight hair, so the layers are more visible on women with straight hair. While straight hair can sometimes appear flat or lifeless, a long bob haircut adds fullness and direction, breaking up the hair’s surface to create a freshly textured finish. This is why a shag haircut looks excellent, even on fine hair. Pair your straight hair with wispy pockets for extra excellent points.

6. 70s Shag Hair cuts

Go back in time with a 70s shag haircut. It feels a little more masculine than the modern haircut, with more volume at the crown and less volume at the ends. Ideal for ladies who love a modern androgynous look, a 70’s shag has a relaxed vibe and retro appeal. If you’re a fan of decades-old fashion, you can also complete your face with a trend hairstyle.

7. Bangs Shag Hair Cuts

Bangs are an excessive addition to many haircuts, including long hair. They help frame the face and make the hairstyle more flattering by balancing various features like a pointed chin or minimizing a broad forehead. Square and heart-shaped faces can benefit from curtain bangs and shaggy bangs or bob, while round faces can try a more subtle, compound bang with medium or long hair.

8. Long Shag Hair Cuts for Women

Over 50 Due to its increased volume and texture, a long bob haircut can be an excellent option for women over 50. Hair often thins out over time, losing some of its body and thickness. At the same time, layers can be cut to frame and enhance the face, sculpted to highlight cheekbones, and fine lines are covered. If you are over 50 years old, a long haircut could bring back your fun memories, refresh your style, and revive the calm 70s spirit.

Best Shag Haircuts From Short hair

  • Cropped Pixie Shag
  • Short Pixie Shag
  • Short Shag
  • Wolf Cut Shag
  • Pseudo-Shag Bob
  • Playful Shag
  • Short Curly Shag With Bangs
  • Shaggy Mullet or Shullet

Shag Haircuts Long Hair

A layered haircut known as a shag can be tailored to fit many hair types and lengths, including long hair. Here are some illustrations of long hair shag haircuts:

Long Shag with Bangs: This hairstyle has jagged, textured ends and long layers all over the hair. The fringe is likewise piled and swept to the side for a carefree, casual appearance.

Layered Shag with Face: Long, layered hair with choppy ends and face-framing layers characterises this haircut, called a layered swag. The face-framing layers emphasise the face, while the layers in the hair give movement and texture.

Shag Haircuts Long Hair

Modern Shag with Soft Layers: Soft, blended layers are used throughout the hair in this modern shag haircut, with longer layers in the front. The layers are sliced at various angles to give them a contemporary, edgy appearance.

Beachy Shag with Textured Ends: Long, choppy layers and textured, ruffled ends are the hallmarks of this beachy shave. The textured ends give the hair a beachy, carefree vibe, while the layers are chopped to add volume and movement.

Layered Curly Shag: This hairstyle has layers all over the hair, with shorter layers on top to provide shape and volume. The lengthier length prevents the hair from appearing too heavy or bulky, while the layers define and enhance natural curls.

No matter whatever shag style you decide on, it’s crucial to consult a talented hairstylist who can modify the cut to fit your particular face shape and hair type.


If you visit a salon for a long haircut, ask your stylist for a choppy cut with many layers and movements. If you would also ask for volume at the crown, cropped ends, and soft bangs with a “lively” or textured finish. Ask your stylist for advice on where layers should end, how thick your charges should be, and where they should fall. And as always, when in doubt, bring a photo! It’s essential to consider the natural texture, curl pattern, and thickness of your hair and the shape of your face when trying a long haircut for the first time.

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