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Comparing Lip Flip Before and After Results

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lip flip before and after, some precautions and tips are give. Lip flip is a botox injection for the lip; it will provide an excellent shape to our upper lip. Nowadays, everyone wants to look good, but some lips are very thin and shapeless; it will not be a good look and not look good smile also. So many people think that they should get treatment for their lips. Especially celebrities.

What Is A Lip Flip

What Is A Lip Flip

Lip Flip is a non-invasive treatment that involves an injection. A treatment that makes the lips look fuller, the edges of the lips can be put in a better shape. Not everyone has a beautiful shape, but the shape of the lips is necessary to make a face look beautiful. So many, especially celebrities, like to do any treatment to keep their lips beautiful and in shape. Nowadays, it has become very natural.

Lip Flip Before And After


There are certain types of precautions to be taken when one wants to get a lip flip done. Because the lips are very delicate and prominent, here below are some tips. It will be helpful for anyone who wants to do a lip flip.

Before And After Picture

Those who want a Botox injection should take a photo of their lip first because it will be easier to see if the shape is correct after the treatment and if there are any differences. Apart from that, it is very important to take a photo later, so it is easy to know any swelling until it is fully developed. So it is essential to take a before and after picture of the lip flip anytime.

Before The Procedure

  • Who want to take this treatment must and should they will avoid alcohol, Before the procedure.
  • Before doing this treatment should follow the doctor’s instructions.
  • You must avoid taking any multivitamins.
  • And avoid eating even fish oil before taking this botox injection.

Lip Flip Before And After

After treatment

Here are some tips to follow once you get the Lip Flip treatment done on your lips.

  • Before the treatment, you should know the doctor’s instructions, what to eat, what not to eat and what to do.
  • It would help if you put an ice pack on your lips; it will be very cold for them and relieve any pain. Also, it is better to use thin cloth. Doing this will give some relief if there is any pain in their swellings.
  • Hydrate the body whenever possible, and drink as much water as possible. Excessive dehydration is always good for the body and lips.
  • Lip flip before and after the most helpful thing is an exercise for your body and lip.
  • Ask the doctor what type of medicine should be taken.
  • Please don’t use any makeup product on your face; it will harm you.
  • Do not lie on the face bed because there are chances of touching anything on the lips.
  • Most celebrities use this injection, but if they do it for any events, make sure that there is a lot of time between the treatment for that event because there are chances of side effects sometime in the treatment.

Lip Flip Vs Filler

Lip Flip Vs Filler

Lip flip treatment is related to botox, but lip filler is done with hyaluronic acid. Both are closely related to the lips, but there are many differences between the two.

  • Lip Flip works especially well on the upper lip, too. Does not add extra volume in its enhancement. It looks very natural. After a week of lip flip injection, we see it develop.
  • Lip fillers are not lip flips; they are injected into the lip and can work on both the upper and lower lip. Moreover, lip filler shows its result immediately after the treatment, i.e. immediately after the injection.
  • Another difference between these is that the function of Lip filler is used to add volume to the lips. And it can make any lines on the lips smooth. So naturally, no one wants to keep their lips ugly or lined. They want to look beautiful lips. Lip filler lasts up to 1 year.
  • It is the best technique for this issue for your lip. But whenever doing this treatment, you should take care your yourself. Because any treatment has benefits or some side effects, we can follow all doctor’s instructions and start the treatment.
  • Lip Flip will not add the extra volume. That way, the result will take only 3 months.
  • Another difference between the two is that the lip flip is a very quick procedure and can be done very quickly. By doing this injection, their lips become fuller quickly. So to see their lips are beautiful and look very beautiful when they smile.
  • Lip filler is more expensive and not easy as it is applied to all parts of the lip. In addition, there are some difficulties in doing this.

Lip Flip or Lip filler is a treatment for both lips. It has many variations, which we think you will find helpful for the above-mentioned differences.

How Long Does A Lip Flip Last

How Long Does A Lip Flip Last

This botox injection will stay in your lips for only 3 or 4 months; you should come to take the next injection. Because any celebrates won’t always be look good, that way they will take after 4 months, they must and should take the injection.

It will work for 3 or 4 months if you follow the instruction given by the doctor carefully.

Botox Lip Flip, How Many Units

4-6 units of Botox lip flip are inject in the centre of the upper lip. It is a very simple procedure, but we should never attempt it ourselves; only a doctor can do it. So it is better to research and get treatment from a suitable specialist who can give good treatment.

Where To Inject Botox For Lip Flip

Botox injection is injected into the edges of the lips of the person who needs it. Doing this relaxes the muscles around their lips and will lift them and make them look bigger and better shaped. And being thin without shape does not look very beautiful. So doing this will make your lips plump and beautiful.