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What is Jotcoffee and How to Make and Types

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Jotcoffee: One Tablespoon – Innumerable Possibilities To simplify your coffee ritual, all you need is one tablespoon. Jot creates the ideal hot coffee, latte, cappuccino, chilled brew, and more. Our Original blend is consistently approachable, never average, and smooth and balanced. In addition, you can make 14 cups of coffee from one container of jotcoffee.

Twenty times everything you love about jotcoffee is the purest, tastiest type of coffee. To achieve an unmatched concentration, we maximise the flavour of each coffee bean with nothing added or taken away. The outcome is a beverage that is 20 times stronger than regular coffee.


At-Home Lattes, Americanos, Cappuccinos, and More: Jot makes for making coffee your way. Take your coffee black? Just combine with water. Latte lover? Trade water for the hot or cold milk of your choice. On a keto kick? Mix in a little half and half. Are you feeling hungry? Add a tablespoon of Jot to your favourite brownie recipe. The possibilities are truly endless.

Massive Taste. Minimal Waste: Coffee beans are the only ingredient, so we ensure ours are the absolute best by sourcing the highest quality organic, ethical coffee beans worldwide. And with 30% more yield per bean and 100% of grounds composted, jotcoffee means less cleanup for you and the planet.

Spring Menu: jotcoffee Iced Dirty Chai

Spring Menu jotcoffee Iced Dirty Chai

The glory of spring is that it is simultaneously both summer and winter while also being neither. You can’t quite describe it; each spring day brings a fresh treat.

We were motivated to create our Spring Menu by that tiny bit of magic. We sought to produce a beverage with a similar enigmatic in-between character.

And I’m pretty sure we nailed it.

How to use Ultra Coffee concentrate on creating a dirty iced chai

We made the Jot Iced Dirty Chai to embody spring’s warmth and cold. It has the comforting chai spice flavours of ginger, cardamom, and cinnamon, as well as the distinctive golden richness of honey. However, we’ve added a tablespoon of jotcoffee concentrate on giving it an energising lift, and we’ve served the whole thing over ice.

Once you try, you’ll realise why it’s the best method to emerge from hibernation. How to prepare your next go-to spring beverage:

Jot Iced Dirty Chai

Strong, brewed chai tea in 6 ounces (2 tea bags)

  • Two tablespoons of honey
  • One ice cup
  • a tablespoon of Jotcoffee extract
  • Half-and-half, 2 ounces.

Steep the tea, add the honey, stir until the honey dissolves, and then let the tea settle. Pour the tea mixture over ice in a tumbler filled with ice. Should add half-and-half and your Ultra Coffee essence. Enjoy.

Check out our complete collection of recipes for even more fantastic ways to use Jot liquid coffee extract.

The five wintertime beverages you must have, prepared with Ultra Coffee concentrate

Fortunately, jotcoffee is our go-to tool for surviving a chilly winter. We brew a speciality coffee for ourselves when the snow won’t stop falling, and the clouds are gloomy.

Here are our top 5 suggestions for staying warm this winter while we wait for the significant change.

  • Short Notes
  • 4 ounces of hot, barely whipped half-and-half
  • One tablespoon of Jot Ultra Coffee extract

Sometimes you want to treat yourself but don’t have time to prepare something elaborate. For those situations, this formula is ideal.

A traditional breve consists of just one espresso shot and a small amount of smooth foamed half-and-half. This one is even simpler—just one spoonful of hot, frothed half-and-half with Ultra Coffee concentrate. See here for a simple tutorial on how to foam milk at home.

Extremely Mint Mocha

  • 8 ounces of milk
  • One tablespoon of jotcoffee Ultra extract
  • 2–3 tablespoons of peppermint simple syrup
  • Three tablespoons of bitter chocolate
  • Icing on the cake
  • shavings of chocolate as a topping

The designated winter flavour combination must be peppermint and chocolate. I’m not sure we can be friends if you can dunk a candy cane into hot cocoa without experiencing waves of innocent delight.

Jot Golden Latte

Jot Golden Latte

You are in charge of this jotcoffee Golden Latte recipe using Ultra Coffee extract, so you can choose how sweet and spicy it is.

Remember that the body doesn’t absorb curcumin very well, so if you want to ensure that you’re receiving the most health benefits possible, think about adding a little black pepper to the mixture.

“Piperine, a known bioavailability enhancer, is the major active component of black pepper and is associated with an increase of 2000% in the bioavailability of curcumin,” write researchers Susan Hewlings and Douglas Kalman.

It is why we advise including a pinch of black pepper in our formula for the Golden Latte.

Golden Latte with Turmeric:

  • 12 tsp of turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp cinnamon
  • 14 teaspoon black pepper (optional)
  • 1/2 tsp. ginger
  • One tablespoon of Jot Ultra Coffee extract
  • 8 ounces lukewarm milk (dairy or non-dairy)
  • One tablespoon of honey

Thoroughly mix the turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, and Jot Ultra Coffee in a mug. (Optional: Black pepper can help your body receive curcumin from turmeric more effectively. Use mild coconut or almond milk to make your golden milk latte vegan.)

Jotcoffee Winter Menu: Irish Ultra Coffee

jotcoffee Winter Menu Irish Ultra Coffee

We add layers to keep warm at Jot when winter arrives and the temperature drops of whipped cream.

Even when you combine jotcoffee with sugar and cream, Ultra Coffee concentrate’s purity allows all the fine details of our expertly roasted organic coffee beans to come through. Because of this, jotcoffee is ideal for specialised seasonal drinks like this Irish coffee prepared with Ultra Coffee concentrate.

We advise using a small quantity of heavy whipping cream (not half-and-half) and gently whipping it to ensure the recipe turns out perfectly.

By not whipping the cream, you can achieve a silkier texture and a mind-blowing flavour that perfectly balances the rich coffee with the molasses notes in the brown sugar. In addition, it will give the cream a sweeter texture that will more completely blend with the sweet brown sugar and the liquid coffee concentrate.