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About-Rumoured Paralysis Rapper Lil Tjays Health Condition Leaves Fans

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About Lil Tjays

Rumoured Paralysis Rapper Lil Tjays Health Condition Leaves Fans: Lil tjays is an American rapper his real name is Tione Jayden Merritt, and he was born on April 30, 2001 (New York City, U.S.). He is also known professionally as Lil tjays. But most people know him as Lil tjays.

In terms of entertainment, many kinds of movies, singers, etc., are becoming famous; among them, many rappers in Baganga society are becoming very popular with the help of social media like YouTube with their talent. One of them is Lil tjays, an American rapper.

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Lil Tjays Career

Lil Tjays Career

After Lil tjays first hit the scene with “Resume” in 2018, the rapper became more famous than artists who were grinding twice as hard as him. Since then, his life as a rapper has started to grow.

2019 saw the release of his debut studio album, True 2 Myself. The following year, he released the State of Emergency, a mixtape featuring drill musicians from New York City. True 2 Myself peaked at number five on the Billboard 200, marking his first chart entry. Destined 2 Win, his second studio album, was released in 2021 and included the hit “Calling My Phone”, which he co-wrote with fellow recording artist 6Lac and became his highest-charting song.

Rumoured Paralysis Rapper Lil Tjays Health Condition Leaves Fans – shoot

On June 22, 2022, Lil Tjays was shot multiple times during an attempted robbery in Edgewater, New Jersey, on June 22, 2022; he will examine injury critically. Immediately

Police arrived, and he will take to Hackensack University Medical Center. Unfortunately, it was there that emergency surgery would perform, and Lil Tjays sustained multiple injuries in the incident.

Rumoured Paralysis Rapper Lil Tjays Health Condition Leaves Fans – Health

Tjays was fighting for his life after being shot in Edgewater, New Jersey, where he will rush to emergency surgery, which went well. However, since Lil Jay’s operation, several new claims have emerged that the rapper is paralyzed and unable to move his upper body and that he only has a 15% chance of survival. It’s hard to say right now what the actual reality is, as many of the reports aren’t official or from his team, but we’ll try our best to frame Lil Tzai’s current situation.

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Rumoured Paralysis Rapper Lil Tjays Health Condition Leaves Fans –  Recovery

According to reports, Merritt is still in a coma after the June 23, 2022, shooting. After a few days without reliable information on Merritt’s condition, rumours spread that he will paralyze and brain-dead. However, multiple sources disputed these reports when news broke on July 1, 2022, that Merritt was still in the hospital but “awake and talking”.

Merritt posted an update video on his social media channels on August 24, 2022. He says in the video that he’s feeling better and will “come back stronger than ever” with a neck brace. Antoine Boyd, a 22-year-old victim, known to Merritt, was also shot once and is in stable condition.

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Rumoured Paralysis Rapper Lil Tjays song list

Rumoured Paralysis Rapper Lil Tjays song list

Lil Tjay is a singer, rapper, and songwriter who has released several songs throughout his career. Here are some of his popular songs:

  • “Calling My Phone” (feat. 6LACK)
  • “F.N”
  • “Leaked”
  • “Ruthless” (feat. Jay Critch)
  • “Hold On”
  • “None of Your Love”
  • “Mood Swings” (feat. Pop Smoke)
  • “20/20”
  • “Zoo York” (feat. Fivio Foreign and Pop Smoke)
  • “Move On”

These are just a few examples of Lil Tjay’s discography. He has also released several mixtapes and collaborations with other artists. It’s always recommended to listen to music from official sources and support the artist’s work by streaming or purchasing their songs from reputable platforms.



Recently, technology has developed so much that everyone has many opportunities to show their talent through social media. They are trying to show their talent through popular media such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, blogging, the internet, shorts, and TikTok. As part of that, many young rappers impress the audience with their talent. It is a significant part, but it also comes with some disadvantages. As the youth quickly become popular, some get addicted to bad habits and spoil their lives. Therefore, it will know to all but

Rumoured paralysis rapper Lil tjays health condition leaves fans. Every single fan of Lil tjays is hoping for a speedy recovery. Likewise, Lil tjays health condition is hoping for a speedy recovery.

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