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Full Guide – Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur

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Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur

Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur is an excellent and beautiful historical city in West Bengal (India). It has a people of around 53,000. Besides this, GPS ISLAMPUR is also a famous educational centre with many colleges and schools. It is also said to be a beautiful tourist spot. BEAUTIFUL BEYAN ON GPS ISLAMPUR has many places to see here.

History of Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur

Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur was left out of Bihar, and then in 1956, GPS ISLAMPUR was merged into the then West Dinajpur district. It was then tagged with the West Dinajpur district by the Islampur sub-division revealing its identity. After the administrative bifurcation of West Dinajpur district on April 1, 1992, this subdivision was merged into North Dinajpur district.

Sub-Division Gps Islampur

Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur Sub-division was inaugurated by the then Honorable Chief Minister, Dr Bidhan Chandra Rai, on March 21, 1959, through an inauguration ceremony at the S.D.O Administrative Building.

Islampur had only minimal urban facilities at the time it will declare as the Sub-Divisional Headquarters. However, Islampur, as a town in west Bengal, became an important centre of trade and commercial activities after the marina, which resulted in a considerable increase in the population profile. This expansion, together with changing people’s wants and ambitions, necessitated the establishment of a municipality.

As a result, the government granted the craved request by releasing a notification for the creation of Islampur Municipality with a defined area of Islampur Municipality began operations on December 9, 1988, under the chairmanship of Sri Adhir Biswas, with appointed Councillors. Elections were held in 1999 and 2004, and Sri Kanaia Lal Agarwal chose Chairman both times.

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Interesting Locations In Islampur

There are many places to visit in Islampur, west Bengal. They are lovely and pleasant to look at. Here some famous places in Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur are explained below.

  • Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur Park

Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur Park

One of the places to visit in Islampur is the Govt. Of West Bengal Directorate Of Forests Islampur park Siliguriparks & Gardens Range. This park is lovely to visit, and there are many interesting sights for visitors. Many visitors come to see islampur west Bengal park. Part of it is enjoying with family. There are many games here for kids to enjoy. What are the most beautiful sights in this Islampur West Bengal park, i.e. birds, waterfalls, lovely green grass, kids’ game items etc.? This park is perfect for visitors to have a lot of fun.

  • Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur Delhidarbar

Apart from parks, Islampur, West Bengal, has many places to visit tourists. One of the oldest is Delhi darbar Islampur, west Bengal. It is a very old building, but now it is not in use, many visitors come to see it. This Delhi darbar Islampur was once a court of kings during the period of kings. But now, it is entirely in a state of ruins, but it is very good to see its construction is very different.

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  • Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur College

Islampur College of Education is primarily a teacher education school. It is New Hampshire. Aliganj is located in a lovely, tranquil, Islampur, Distt. North Dinajpur, W.B. The college is easily accessible by highways and trains. Islampur town is around 2 kilometres from the campus, while the railway station is about 3 kilometres away. Islampur sub-division has a low educational level. Therefore, they are interested in creating this college to meet local demand. It is the only teacher training institution in the Islampur sub-division, which benefits the local community. The main aim of this  islampur school is to give quality education to individuals who wish to pursue a career as a teacher.

  • Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur  Haptiya Bridge

Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur  Haptiya Bridge

Haptiya Bridge is also lovely to see, from Dagar to Islampur. Besides, many tourists come to enjoy the water under this bridge. This place is great for chilling. This bridge is near Islampur. It is a must-see place for visitors.


Beautiful Beyan On Gps Islampur West Bengal There are many beauties and historical treasures to be told here, but in this article, some things will broke.

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