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Wooden Comb – Definition, Benefits, Types, And More

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A wooden comb is very safe and easy to use. Why hair is very important for every woman, i.e. hair is the only reason for women’s beauty, so they are ready to make any efforts to maintain it. If combing the hair every day is necessary, there are many chances of hair fall. So combing every day is essential, so a good comb is essential. There are many types of cones available in the market. One of them will explain in this article for a wooden hair comb.

In the old days, there were many things in the pen without plastic, which will make of wood. Similarly, use a comb with wood, but with the changing times, wooden combs have become obsolete as combs will make with various materials. But now there is a good demand for a this comb in the market. The wooden comb is a natural product, so there is no harm to your hair. Moreover, it is very easy to use

What Are The Benefits Of Wooden Comb

  • A Wood Comb Quicker At Removing Knots From Damp Hair

Washing in the shower while locks are still soft and delicate is one of the most valuable methods of detangling strands. For those who choose this method, wooden combs with wide bristles at the tip work best for detangling. However, after use, maintenance is critical. According to trichologist Vivian Coutinho, the item is best used for cleaning. To prevent the growth of fungus, this concern and care are crucial along with adequate dryness,” advises the expert.

  • Wooden  Comb For Curly Hair

Wooden Comb For Curly Hair

Hair combing is not easy for women with curly hair; the worst thing is that the curls lose shape. The best way to comb this type of hair is in the shower and with conditioner, too, because when you comb through dry locks, the risk of creating knots is high. So it is very easy to use a wooden comb for any curly hair, and the wooden comb will detangle the curly hair faster due to its antistatic action. Also, using this wooden comb will make the curled hair more model. A tip is to always use a wide wooden comb from the bottom to the top of the hair. It detangles without breaking strands or undoing curls. By using this wooden comb, curly hair women can quickly get rid of their curly hair problem.

  • A wooden Comb Is Great For Sensitive Scalps

Using a wooden comb will give good results to your scalps because it naturally absorbs more electricity, making it more liable to break and develop split ends. In addition, static will reduce using a wooden comb, which helps stop unwanted strands from growing. Another advantage is that, in general, hardwood bristles do not hurt, and wooden combs give a nice feeling when combing, and those with sensitive scalps can use them for this purpose.

A wooden comb can be said to be the right choice. Moreover, it is natural, so it is good to apply on sensitive scalps. And safe too.

  • Your Locks’ Wooden Hair Comb Features

The material’s odd benefit over a wooden comb is that it collects minute amounts of natural oil from the hair as it will use, rehydrating it. It is a quality that identifies its owner and may be an added feature to ensure that the same comb will use consistently “, the Trichologist informed.

  • Helps Eliminate Frizz

Hair is important to a woman’s beauty, and frizz is one of its biggest enemies. But as per Trichologist, it is easy to prevent ingrown hairs, which are very common after brushing the hair with a wooden comb and other materials.

Will help. Plastic combs or other kinds of synthetic combs are unsafe not only for your hair but also for your scalp skin. It is because we have electrical charges created by friction, which leads to the wooden comb repelling the strands. Moreover, the wooden comb protects your hair from the problem of frizz.

  • Perfect For Delicate And Brittle Hair

Wood has a consistently neutralizing ability when it comes to combing hair. If you have fine strands, your hair breaks easily, and a wooden comb can help prevent breakage from highlights and brittle hair.

  • Hair Massage

Hair Massage

Our scalp needs massage as much as our body needs a massage; the more we massage our scalp, the calmer our head will be, so another benefit of a wooden hair comb is that it can increase blood circulation, thereby controlling sebum production. It is another benefit for owners of dry or curly hair, as the material helps to distribute natural oils throughout the length of the hair. Using this wooden hair comb gives a good hair massage.

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What Are The Different Types Of Wooden Comb?

When we talk about the kinds of wooden combs, we refer to the size of the teeth and the distance between them. We can also refer to the model, whether the article in question will shape like a simple comb or fork, for example. Therefore, taking into explanation the first criterion, we can distinguish:

  • A Wide-Toothed Wooden Hair Comb

Ideal for combing and detangling hair, especially when wet. It is best for wavy or curly hair as it does not distort the natural look of the strands.

  • Fine-Toothed Wooden Hair Comb

Recommended for short or thin hair, a short distance between teeth can be harmful to thick hair. However, it is convenient for hairstyles with a high degree of definition.

As you can see, the choice between one or the other type of comb depends on your hair type. It is important to remember that fibre breakage is something you want to avoid at all costs as it weakens the hair and prevents it from growing healthy and strong.

How To Wash The Wooden Hair Comb

How To Wash The Wooden Comb

Why is it very necessary to clean a wooden hair comb, i.e. should not clean a wooden comb, but it is necessary to clean each comb for 2 hours and three days? Because when we go outside, we will be expos to a lot of pollution and dust which is not only on our body but also on our scalp. Due to this, the odds of hair fall will reduce, so we can keep our hair clean whenever we comb it. Due to this, when combing, the dust on one’s hair comes on the comb. Then again, if we comb with the same comb, the chances of hair damage are high, and besides, everyone is combing with an OK comb at home, because of that, there is a possibility of some hair problems, so we need to clean it every 2 or 3 days. That’s why we have explained below how to clean the wooden comb through some methods

  • Wash The Wooden Hair Comb With Shampoo

Washing your wooden comb is easy; you can also wash it using shampoo. If there is still dirt in the wooden comb, take a cup of hot water and put a little bit of your beard shampoo in it. Alternatively, use mild or glycerine soap as well

You can clean with a wooden comb. Cleaning the wooden comb is very easy. We can also clean with things that we find in Ento. No need to use any high-quality items.

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  • Using With Toothbrush

There are several options for cleaning the wooden comb; the first is the easiest and most cost-effective method: scrub it with a toothbrush. As we have a changing lifestyle and technology, many products are available in the market to change our lifestyle, and we can use them to make our lifestyle more accessible. Earlier, I used the toothbrush d to clean the wooden comb. It costs nothing to use and is easy to clean. That’s why many people use this method. Also, a toothbrush can use as a scrub.

  • Waxing Period

Wooden combs are pre-waxed to help preserve the wood. However, you take part of that protection gone when you wash that manner. Therefore, I prefer to seal the deal with a bit of moustache wax.

A blend of beeswax, carnauba, coconut oil, and hop extract will use to make moustache wax. I will highly appreciate your comb’s wood. Put a little moustache wax on the nail’s surface and do it like this. It’s not as much as you would apply to your moustache. Spread the wax evenly around your comb after warming it between your fingers.

  • Soaking Water

In a container, add plenty of water and a little mild liquid soap or baby shampoo and leave the comb in this container for at least 30 minutes. After soaking it properly, you can easily clean it with any brush. Oil can be easily removed by soaking in water. It is a good idea to clean a wooden comb.

Wooden Combs: Some Of The Best Products

  • Wooden Comb For Wavy And Curly Hair

Rica’s wooden comb is one of the best-selling wooden combs in the market. Easy to comb and detangle all your hair types, it does not cause any damage to the scalp due to its wide teeth and rounds end. Although it has an anatomical handle and helps reduce the static electricity of the wires, the chances of avoiding frizz are high.

  • Wooden Comb For Fine Hair

Wooden Comb For Fine Hair

Made from eco-friendly bamboo fibres, this wooden comb is stable, tangle-free and tangle-free, and leaves strands soft and shiny. In addition, Orgânica does not test on animals and all of its products making from plant-based active ingredients. This comb also has a natural antibacterial treatment that extends its useful life.

  • Fork-Style Model

This wooden fork comb from Classik is an excellent choice for combing and detangling curly or thick hair. Its wide and long bristles adhere to strands without breaking them and help eliminate frizz. Resistant and durable, it is made from reforested wood and helps nourish hair from root to ends, stimulating blood circulation to the scalp.

Why Is It Good To Use A Wooden Comb?

You may be tired of hearing about the need to reduce plastic use and how harmful it is to your health, but this topic is more important than you think. Aside from this topic, which we will talk about shortly and focus on the hair, the reasons why experts advise using a wooden comb.

  • This comb protects the hair, promotes scalp regeneration and provides energy.
  • It detangles more efficiently and reduces hair breakage during the process.
  • It is more effective for styling curly, unruly or frizzy hair than plastic combs.
  • A wooden comb’s benefits are seen initially (reduction of static electricity) and in the long term (improvement in quality of strands).
  • Wooden combs significantly reduce scalp irritation and allergic reactions.

This last reason is the main reason why many people start using wooden combs in their daily life. It is because they are very effective against the famous static electricity that plastic combs usually cause, which destroys hairstyles that take a lot of time and dedication.

Sandalwood Comb Benefits

  • With wide teeth without a handle, 15 cm long by 5 cm wide, the premium design and carving of the sandalwood hair comb detangles the hair and preserves its health of the hair.
  • Your wide teeth help prevent hair from tangling or mishandling, as the hair flows easily from both ends, stimulating blood flow, delivering healthy nutrients, and improving growth.
  •  Take care of the hair’s health by keeping it hydrated thanks to the essential oils of the wood and preventing the stability generated by plastic.
  • Made of 100% Green Sandalwood: Made of green sandalwood from Argentina, which offers unique benefits by being environmentally friendly and reducing the use of plastics, provides a higher resistance and longer life than traditional wood.
  •  Non-toxic: They do not contain BPA, plastic or toxic chemicals; the material has natural antibacterial properties and is 100% safe for the whole family.

What Can Woods Be Used To Make Wood Comb?

Three types of wood are generally used the most for making wooden hair combs: hard, tropical and soft. Each has specific features that make it ideal for this type of object. See more details to know what it’s all about:

  • Hardwoods Walnut, Birch And Oak, Among Others

Coming from deciduous trees, this type of wood is tough and resistant. In addition, you can find a wide variety of colours.

  • Neem Wood Wooden Hair Comb

Due to its use, it is better to use neem wood wooden hair hair comb if you have a lot of dandruff in your hair. Also, using it for combing will give good results to your hair.

  • Sandalwood Wooden Comb

By using this type of wooden comb, it is easy to remove any tangles in your hair. Sandalwood wooden comb. It is very easy to use, and there is no pain to use

  • Tropical Hardwoods

These are classified as hardwoods but are much more resistant to moisture. This feature is ideal if you often use the comb to comb wet hair.

  • Softwoods – Wooden Comb

Softwoods - Wooden Comb

Come from evergreen trees. They are very light and delicate, ideal for combs with sophisticated designs.

Each stands out for its features and is suitable for different uses. It is worth mentioning that this question only applies to combs made of natural wood. It is a point worth highlighting because, as we will see below, not all wood is 100% natural, contrary to what many people think.

Are All Wooden Comb Natural?

No. It is one factor that deserves your attention before choosing one of the many wooden combs available on the market. Although many brands claim that artificial wood has the same properties as natural wood, don’t be fooled.

The main change between the two is that while natural wood is obtained directly from trees, artificial lumber will make from the remains of this wood. Therefore, its quality is infinitely low. But, on the other hand, natural woods look and shine better and are more beneficial to the hair.

  • Purchase Criteria

With a vast offer of all kinds of products related to the world of hair, it is natural that many doubts arise with each new purchase. To make the best choice and ensure you get it right, it’s essential to evaluate a few factors. Below, we present the primary buying criteria for wooden combs:

  • Comb type
  • Type of wood
  • the teeth
  • What do you do?
  • Quality
  • Comb type

First, you must choose which type of comb best suits your needs. In this case, the primary decision is the shape of the comb or brush. While this may seem like a very relevant issue, the difference depends on your taste.

While some women prefer combs with straighter teeth, others find the brushes are faster and more comfortable. If you haven’t tried both types yet, we recommend doing so before deciding which item to buy.

  • The Teeth

Another primary thing you should consider when buying a new wooden hair comb is the size and distance between the teeth of the comb. But, again, we remember what we have already said: separated teeth are suitable for thick or curly hair; they do not deform them.

On the other hand, fine teeth and closely matched hair are ideal. If you try to detangle thick hair with a comb with very fine teeth, you will find that the fibres break, and it is impossible to get the desired effect—the basic rule is: Know your hair and act on that knowledge.

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  • What Do You Do

Before making your last decision, it is essential to consider what you will use your wood comb for. This point is crucial because it’s one of the factors that tip the scales one way or another, but it also defines the number of combs you need. After all, most women have a different comb for every occasion.

For example, some have a special comb for going to the gym or the beach. In this case, the most relevant features are lightness and size. However, for a comb for daily use at home, you should look for quality rather than the space the comb takes up.

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  • Quality of Wooden Hair Comb

As with any other article aimed at hair care (shampoo, conditioner, dryer, etc.) or skin care (creams and makeup items), it is essential to always look for the best products. It is not only a beautifying problem but also a health problem.

If you stop to think that these products will come into contact with your skin or your hair and scalp, you don’t want to take any chances. The higher the quality of the article, the better your results. In addition, hair is very delicate and requires special care.

Does a Wooden Comb Stop Hair Loss?


No matter how much technology is, there are many products on the market, but natural things never lose their value. So wood is not a natural product. Its wood comes from trees, so it is a natural product. So organic products are always good for your health. Using a wooden comb is very beneficial for your hair.

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