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Womens health is the most important in our life because she is the most important person in our family; she does a lot of work, like care of her kids, cooking, taking care of all family members, taking care of the house and doing a job.

But she will not take care of her health; she will not maintain anything. Because she is busy with work, she doesn’t have to care for herself. That way, she got some health problems in her life. Here are some health issues she got.

Breast Cancer

The reason for breast cancer is the cells of the breast are growing abnormally. These cells accumulate fast; then, they will form a lump in the breast. Breast cancer has a lot of reasons like pollution, lifestyle, food habits, stress, hormonal, and Genetic.

Pregnancy Problems

Some pregnant ladies have many problems, Like High BB, overstress, breathing difficulties, their Tommy cannot give the baby, and they are weak. So when they get pregnant, she wants to be very conscious about her and the baby’s health. Some women’s When get pregnant get anaemia problems. Anaemia is One of the significant problems in Pregnancy.


After delivery, she gets an anaemia problem. When the problem of anaemia comes, if it is not overcome from it, then it has to be exposed to many types of diseases.


This Osteoporosis affects many women. That is, the bones become weak and weak. It is due to ageing, lack of exercise, steroid use, specific prescriptions, alcohol consumption, etc.


Apart from the health issues mentioned above, women can have many diseases. Like depression, Mental health, anxiety, autoimmune problems, and ovarian and uterine cancer. Knee pain, Diabetic, Back pain, Heart disease etc.

It is essential to maintain women’s health. Because the ability of ladies is less than that of men and they do a lot of work, it is very important for every girl to pay attention to health from childhood.

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