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What are the Six Healthy Tips To Reduce Body Fat

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Six healthy tips to reduce body fat – If you are looking for the top tips to reduce bday fat, you are at the right place. Today in this article, our health blog will provide you with the best health tips to reduce body fat. Learn how to reduce body fat based on six healthy tips provided by a nutritionist.

Six healthy tips to reduce body fat

The arrival of summer and the suffocating heat awakens our fitness side. It motivates us to look for ways to reduce body fat without resorting to radical methods harmful to health. So we talked to the nutritionist and founder of Nutrition FAQs, who gave us five tips to get healthily rid of body fat.

Sustainable food: Eat based on the four pillars of nutrition

A balanced, varied, harmonious and sufficient meal is what the specialist recommends. She, well, affirms that a meal must be healthy and cooperative with your culture, religion, allergies and intolerances so that it is lasting; in many cases, people end up abandoning the idea. Therefore, always incorporate the four pillars in each of your meals.

Six healthy tips – Do not subtract, add

There is a belief that dieting means stopping eating, but this is false. Instead, the nutritionist highlights that a healthy meal adds foods that balance your diet. “Do not think about what you are going to leave, but what you are going to include”, she recommends. So start by adding vegetables to your plate, drinking more water, and eventually balancing your diet.

Do physical activity

In the words of the specialist, “it is important that you exercise regularly not only to lose weight or burn calories but also to have an optimal metabolism” and because “if you do not do physical activity, you will stagnate”.

Six healthy tips – Rest well

“A body that does not rest is fated to have a hormonal inequity” mentions rest can have effects at the hormonal level, generating obesogenic hormones such as cortisol and an increase in ghrelin, the hunger hormone, and decrease in leptin, the satiety hormone. The imbalance of these hormones, in the long term, will generate a greater intake of calories and, with it, weight gain. So, “regardless of the diet, you follow, if you don’t sleep well, you probably won’t reach your ideal weight,” in the words of the nutritionist.

Be consistent

Whether you practice the tips mentioned above, if you are not consistent and make them a part of your daily routine, you could get stuck and waste the effort invested. Therefore, stay true to change and make them part of your life.

Think about short-term goals

Setting short-term goals is the best option to lose weight. According to the specialist, propose, for example, to lose 5 or 3 kilos of fat. That will make meeting your goals more realistic and accessible.

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