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VLCC Facial Kit Price List and More

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VLCC face kit is well-liked in India and come in various formulas to target multiple skin issues. FOR INSTANCE, the VLCC Gold Facial Kit is created to lighten and firm the face, whereas the VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit is created to exfoliate and revitalize the skin. To help lessen the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, the VLCC Diamond Facial Kit is made with diamond bhasma and other components. To assist you in achieving your aesthetic and health objectives, the company also sells various additional wellness goods, including hair care and weight loss products.

VLCC Facial Kit Price List:

VLCC offers facial kits for a very low price and has the most excellent prices, which are very beneficial to everyone of all socioeconomic backgrounds. It works as a superb skin care kit and has extremely fair rates.

Some are listed below, and you can examine their costs online. If you utilize coupons, these prices could go down even more. These products are available in quantities as small as 25gm and as large as 600gms, roughly.

  • VLCC  kit for Skin tightening(25 gm): ₹125.00
  • VLCC Kit of skin glow (25 gm): ₹125.00
  • VLCC Facial Kits for skin whitening (25 gm): ₹125.00
  • VLCC Pearl Single Facial Kit (60gm): ₹300.00
  • VLCC Single Facial Kits papaya fruit (60 gm): ₹300.00
  • VLCC Single Facial Kits for Anti tan (60 gm): ₹300.00
  • VLCC Facial Kits gold single (60 gm): ₹320.00
  • VLCC Diamond Single Facial Kits (60gm): ₹410.00
  • VLCC also offers several facial kits options, some of which are shown below:
  • VLCC Salon Series of Instant Glow Facial Kit (6 Facials) (240gm + 12ml): ₹570.00
  • VLCC Facial Kits for Anti tan(6 Facials)(300gm): ₹570.00
  • VLCC Fruit Facial Kits (6 Facials)(300gm): ₹570.00
  • VLCC Facial Kits pearl (300gm) along with Rose water toner for free:₹1,130.00

VLCC Facial Kit For Oily Skin

VLCC provides a selection of face kits made especially for oily skin. The VLCC Gold Radiance Facial Kit is one such kit. It remains made to help regulate excessive oil production and lessen the look of acne and pimples. The kit comes with a gold scrub, a gold peel-off mask, a gold gel, and a gold cream to exfoliate, purify, and moisturize the skin. While the other components aid in calming and hydrating the skin, the gold particles in the products help to encourage cell growth and improve skin suppleness.

The VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit remains an additional choice; it remain intended to help lessen the appearance of dark spots and sun damage while regulating excessive oil production. A papaya seed scrub, cucumber gel, orange anti-tan pack, and revitalizing serum are all included in the set, and together they work to brighten, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. The cost of the VLCC facial kits for oily skin may vary based on the particular kit and the merchant, but it typically ranges from 200 to 500 Indian Rupees.

VLCC Facial Kit Papaya

The VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit remains made to exfoliate and brighten the skin. It includes a papaya seed scrub, a cucumber gel, a peach massage cream, and an orange anti-tan pack. While the cucumber gel helps to cool and moisturize the skin, the papaya seed scrub aids in the elimination of dead skin cells and other impurities. The orange anti-tan pack helps to lessen the appearance of dark spots and sun harm, while the peach massage cream helps to increase skin suppleness and firmness.

A serum to help brighten and renew the skin remains also included in the box. All skin types can benefit from using the VLCC Papaya Fruit Facial Kit once weekly or more frequently to maintain healthy, radiant skin. The kit’s pricing may vary based on the retailer. However, it typically ranges from 200 to 500 Indian Rupees.

VLCC Facial Kit For Men

VLCC has several face kits for men explicitly designed to treat the special skin issues that guys have. For instance, the VLCC Men Active Light SPF 20 Facial Kit remains created to lessen the visibility of dark spots and blemishes. In contrast, the VLCC Men Active Light SPF 20 Fairness Facial Kit remains created to support illuminating and balancing skin tone.

The VLCC Men Active Light SPF 20 Oil Control Facial Kit remains made to assist in reducing the appearance of acne and pimples and controlling excess oil production. To help men maintain healthy, clear, and smooth skin, the brand also provides other men’s grooming products, including face washes, moisturizers, and shaving creams. Depending on the exact kit and the merchant, the cost of VLCC facial kits for men may vary, but generally, they range from 200 to 500 Indian Rupees.


The information on VLCC Facial kits provided in this post is helpful to the readers. Given the variety of alternatives available in the online store, this is quite helpful in deciding which facial kits are best for you. In general, the VLCC brand offers a great alternative in that anyone can readily purchase it from any online buying platform or nearby marketplaces. VLCC face kit

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