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Mistakes in your Beauty Dull that Make you Look Old and Tired

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Mistakes in your beauty dull that make you look old and tired – Removing makeup, creaming the skin or smearing certain products has its science, and if we do it incorrectly, the result will differ from what we hunted.

From a certain age, the loveliness ritual is fast more and more positioned in our day to day in the face of the signal of the first signs of age: Crow’s feet, lines on the eyelids and around the lips, stains, dry areas.

The process seems unstoppable, although we can stop premature ageing with our beauty routine and get the most out of our skin and our face in general.

Beauty Mistakes that Add Age

If we want to have good results, the first thing is to review our beauty routine in search of those mistakes that we probably (for sure) make and that prevent us from achieving the good results that we expect when dedicating that precious time each day to our skin.

Not remove our makeup

No matter how lazy we are, the ritual of cleansing our faces every night before going to bed must be sacred. Especially when we have also put on makeup, forgetting or doing without will have consequences on the appearance of the skin.

In the first place, dirt and impurities will accumulate on the skin, facilitating the appearance of enlarged pores, blackheads, or even pimples and the dull tone that the complexion will acquire. But, in addition, if we talk about a custom with some frequency, the expression lines and wrinkles will be accentuated, making us look older.

Not Moisturizing the Skin Properly

Not Moisturizing the Skin Properly

One of the problems of mature skin is the lack of natural hydration, which leads to a loss of luminosity in the face. To avoid that effect of dull and grey skin, we should first apply an appropriate moisturizer religiously every day.

It is a step that takes on particular importance before makeup since it will depend on whether you obtain a more or less rejuvenating result. If the skin is dry and dull, makeup will only enhance that effect, adding years to your image. Thus, the ideal will be to properly work the skin before starting the makeup ritual to look plump, juicy and, therefore, rejuvenated.

Apply the Moisturizer in the Opposite Direction

Although it is not an issue that worries us when we are young, the way we apply moisturizer (and, in general, all cosmetics) on the face can impact its appearance. Thus, if we use the products by massaging the skin in the same direction as the wrinkle or fold, we will only worsen.

The ideal is to apply the moisturizer (oil, serum, sun cream, etc.) in the opposite direction to the wrinkle. So, for example, we will do it ascending direction and on the forehead or the area of ​​the cheeks and temples on the neck. It is probably not the most intuitive way to do it, but it is the most effective when it comes to not adding age.

Mistakes in your beauty dull – Skip the Eye Contour

The skin in this area is incredibly subtle and tends to present wrinkles and folds more clearly than the rest. That is why it is essential to use an exceptional product and integrate it into our daily care routine.

As with moisturizer and other cosmetics for the face, it is best to apply the contour with upward movements, in the opposite direction folds and wrinkles (like lifting the eye with each turn).

Not Using Sunscreen Daily

Dermatologists have long insisted on the importance of incorporating sunscreen into our facial care routine to prevent premature ageing of the skin. A good idea to not forget this step on a day-to-day basis is to use face moisturizers (or “BB cream” or makeup bases) that include a sun protection factor. In this way, we will not have to apply more products than we are used to and avoid those wrinkles caused by the impact of the sun on our face.

Mistreating the Eyes when Removing Makeup

As we have already mentioned, the skin around the eyes is susceptible, and the way we treat it by removing makeup can affect its appearance. Thus, if we are in the habit of rubbing it vigorously with cotton discs, we may be favouring the appearance of wrinkles and folds or simply enhancing existing ones.

Instead, it is best to soak the cotton in the makeup remover product and apply it to the eye, pressing lightly for about ten seconds until the makeup begins to come undone. Only then will we slide the cotton to remove the remains. This way, we will also avoid losing eyelashes in the process.

Mistakes in your beauty dull – Forget the Neckline

It is a classic beauty mistake that almost all of us make. Just as we should not forget the neck and neckline to unify the tone and finish with the makeup, it should not be an exception for the caring routine.

And it is that the skin of the neck and neckline ages just like that of the face, and we must treat it simultaneously to obtain similar results.

Modify the Shape of the Eyebrows

Modify the Shape of the Eyebrows

Either because we have abused waxing for years, or it is not flattering for our eyebrows. Thus, a design that is too fine will only make us look older, like if the eyebrows have a too forced shape or are sparse.

The solution? Put ourselves in the hands of eyebrow design professionals for hair removal and learn how to include them in the makeup routine so that they have that anti-ageing effect on our face .

Makeup Mistakes

Mistakes in your beauty dull – No matter how good the anti-ageing products and treatments keep wrinkles at bay, using the wrong makeup can ruin our pretensions. Makeup must adapt to the characteristics of our mature skin.

For example, a classic mistake that adds years to us is misapplying blush. It usually happens because we do it too low, on the cheeks. When the face already shows signs of sagging, the ideal is to apply the blush on the apple cheek (where the cheekbone rises), with a slight upward stroke towards the temples to stylize.

Another mistake that we will see a lot on the street is to use too much matte makeup, which will make us look dull and aged, or a very covering one to hide wrinkles. The makeup base does not obscure or disguise wrinkles but improves the tone and unifies it. So it is best to use a light fluid foundation, the same tone as our skin and look for that juicy finish that rejuvenates us.

Mistakes in your beauty dull

It is also not advisable to abuse dark lipsticks (although occasionally they are a good option) or use dark blushes because they age our image.

Another wrong choice is shadows that are too intense (better neutral tones) and eyeliners that do not consider the creases in the eyelids that are typical of the age.

Do you make any of these mistakes? If so, you know how you can rejuvenate your look by simply making a few small changes to your beauty routine.