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How to Lose Thigh Fat?

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How to lose thigh fat? – In women, the thighs are a natural storage area for fatty tissue. So how can you slim down your thighs? Sometimes a little more than desired. What are sports exercises recommended to lose thighs fat?

How to Lose Thigh Fat?

If you hunger to lose weight and thighs at all costs, you must have some information and tips in mind. Here are our tips.

In general, for your health, avoid drastic diets, which will only have the effect of making you regain the lost weight and significantly affect your health. There are no miracle solutions or magic foods.

1) The Caloric Deficit

Diet is essential to losing fat. Even if you do all the sports you can, don’t deviate from your diet and only drink water; if you don’t eat properly during your meals.

The human body is very complex, but you have to imagine that it works like a bank, with a system of energy balance. If there is less input (calories from food) than output (physical activity, for example), then your account (the human body) will lose capital (fat).

Therefore, we must aim for a smaller quantity of calories consumed about our energy expenditure without starving ourselves, eating only vegetables, and drinking very few calories, which can be found in a too strict diet.

The most precise method is to note just what you eat each day for at least 2 to 3 weeks, notably with the help of the Foodvisor application while recording your weight each day during this period. It will allow you to have a global and precise vision of your energy consumption and adapt your caloric total after that.

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2) Lose Thigh Fat – Hormones

You have an estrogenic profile when you gain fat in your thighs, hips, and breasts. The very feminine silhouette is ideal for a strong presence of estrogen, the hormone that allows you to get pregnant.

During the fertile years, women are much more likely to gain weight to achieve pregnancy.

Birth control pills that contain estrogen also often cause you to gain a few pounds because they add hormones to the ones you already make.

Excessive estrogens lead to substantial weight gain and strong water retention, making your legs even bigger. In this case, it is necessary to work on the fat and the water to slim the thighs up.

If you gain weight very quickly, you should promptly change your pill or your method of contraception.

Solutions to Reduce Excess Estrogen :

  • Avoid overconsumption of soybeans that contain Phyto-oestrogens
  • Do a liver detox once or twice a year to eliminate excess hormones
  • Be careful to eat organic products without preservatives, additives, or endocrine disruptors
  • If you are approaching menopause, see our article on the subject

3) Water Retention

You can have more muscular thighs if you tend to store water.

So it can be due to hormones but not only.

It can be due to poor blood or lymphatic circulation.

Solutions to fight against water retention

  • Do sports get the blood flowing by doing cardio, swimming, walking
  • Wear compression stockings, especially if you have leg pain
  • Avoid overeating salt to limit water retention and drink water to avoid dehydration
  • Fill your daily protein quota to avoid oedemas
  • Do lymphatic drainage sessions, either by manual or mechanical massage in an institute or at home, with an anti-cellulite suction cup.
  • Use a cold-water jet on your legs

It is also possible that you suffer from a pathology called Lipoedema, a form of fibrous fat that is not related to diet or overweight. It gives “pole” legs with fat up to the ankles sometimes and this, even on thin people. About 10% of women suffer from this form of abnormal fat storage.

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4) Lack of Muscle

  • If you have thighs that are not so strong but are too floppy, you lack muscle.
  • For this, you need to do exercises that tone your thighs without making them swell in volume
  • Solutions for toning your thighs :
  • Do squats followed by stretching to lengthen the muscle fiber and avoid bulging
  • Perform at least 150 squats three times a week or ten sets of 15 movements with breaks
  • Use the press in the gym; this machine allows you to push a heavy load with your legs
  • You can build up the outer and inner thighs by working with the abductor and adductor machines, the muscles at the top of the thighs.
  • Walk at least 30 minutes a day to stay toned
  • Don’t forget to build up your back and buttocks to have a nice overall look and good muscle support.

5) Excessive Carbohydrates

If you tend to consume too many carbohydrates in your diet, the excess will keep in the thighs

We also often hear that you should not eat carbohydrates in the evening. So your body will not start storing carbohydrates as fat because it is 7 pm, for example! If there is one thing to remember, the total calorie intake of your day takes precedence over the timing.

Carbohydrate-rich foods (rice, pasta, bread, etc.) quickly increase your total calorie intake, which is why we tend to get fatter with these foods because it can be difficult to control portions. But it is not the food itself that makes you fat; it is the portions that are too large.

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