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Diet Alternatives that Support Your Health

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Diet Alternatives: Most people understand that a healthy diet is one of the main indicators of overall wellness. It affects your physical health, the condition of your cells, and even your mental and emotional health. A balanced diet helps you feel better, look younger, and maintain the energy levels that you need to get through each day.

Dietary alternatives are becoming a more popular trend for people to include in their health-supporting habits. These options are not the usual fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, or dairy products that are a mainstay of grocery lists everywhere. Instead, these products offer unique benefits and are far less commonly found in pantries and refrigerators across the country.

If you are looking for some alternative products to add to your dietary habits that support your healthy lifestyle, try out some of these unique options.

Cooking with Greek Yogurt

A lot of recipes call for products like sour cream or milk to enhance the meal. One healthy substitute that you can include for some of these meals is greek yogurt. It is very protein-rich, making you feel more satisfied than some other options. It is also very high in certain nutrients like calcium and vitamin B12. Greek yogurt may also improve gut, bone, and even mental health. By using greek yogurt in place of common ingredients like sour cream in your recipes, you can promote a healthier lifestyle.

Caviar for Your Skin

Caviar, or unfertilized fish eggs, used to be a delicacy of the wealthy. Now that more people are discovering its health benefits, it is starting to become more of a mainstream item, but not as a snack. One of the biggest positive effects of caviar products is skin health. People are now using caviar extract-based products as a moisturizer to maintain the condition of their skin and avoid early wrinkles. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for retaining moisture for the largest organ in your body. Though these benefits come from the topical products made with caviar, they can also be a healthy snack.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

Supplements are products that are growing in popularity as well. They are nutrient-rich consumables that could come in the form of a tablet, capsule, gel, powder, liquid, or bar. Supplements are the perfect way to support a healthy diet, though many people make the mistake of using them to replace poor eating habits. Products like CellSentials can optimize cellular health in the body and when paired with a balanced diet, promote overall wellness. Just remember not to rely on supplements to attain sufficient nutrient levels, as food is a far more efficient delivery system for the supplies that your cells need.

Applesauce Vs Oil

If you are an avid cook, then you know the importance of oil. So many recipes require the use of veggie, olive, or other types of oil. While some may be on the healthier side, others can be quite fattening, and depending on the quantity called for, may be harmful. One surprising alternative to oil that you could use for cooking is applesauce. Applesauce instead of oil will really cut down on the calorie count and fats, but it can also greatly enhance the flavor and overall health of a dish. You want to use applesauce in its most basic form, with few sweeteners like extra sugar or cinnamon. That way, the consistency of your dish will not be greatly affected.

Hummus as a Condiment

Some of the most popular condiments to use for sandwiches are mayo and mustard. These products are not very healthy and therefore could use a more nutrient-rich substitute. Hummus is a great option for replacing mayo, mustard, or ketchup for your meals. It is the perfect source of plant-based protein, has a high count of vitamins and minerals, and contains healthier fats than most condiment options. By switching your condiment preferences to include more hummus, you can promote healthier diet choices.

A Healthy Diet Does Not Have to be Miserable

A lot of people are discouraged from dieting because they assume that they will have to cut out certain foods that they love. But there are so many options that can promote health that are just as delicious as those sugary and fatty foods that you may love. A healthy diet does not mean that you have to eat flavorless or boring foods. It could be small changes like exchanging sour cream for greek yogurt, or turning to caviar-based products for your skin health, (and eating it as a snack as well). You can also substitute oils in cooking for applesauce, or hummus for mayo on a sandwich. Then to support your healthy diet, you can add supplements for additional vitamins and minerals. There are plenty of tasty and unique ways to support a healthy lifestyle, so find the options that excite you.

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