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Face Primer Write For Us

Face primer Write For Us

Face primer is a cosmetic product used as a preparatory step in makeup application. It is applied to the face before foundation, concealer, and other makeup products to create a smooth and even base for makeup to adhere to. A face primer’s primary purpose is to enhance makeup’s longevity, improve its application, and provide specific benefits for the skin.

Step By Step On How To Use The Face Primer:

Applying the facial primer should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions – they are usually on the packaging of all cosmetics. But here, some tips are essential. See our step by step:

Step 1: Before applying the primer, skincare is essential! Cleanse your face, moisturize, and apply sunscreen (if you are not going to use a primer or foundation with SPF).

Step 2: then apply the primer, using your fingers to absorb the product immediately. Please wait a few minutes for it to dry, and then apply the rest of the products. If you want to intensify the effect of the primer, bet on a fixative.

Types Of Primer

Face Primer

It improves the texture and evens the skin, ensuring foundation, facial contour, concealer, blush, and illuminator hold and last. Within this category, you can also choose the desired effect of the facial primer: mattifying (for oily skin), long-lasting, with color correction (ideal for blemishes), illuminating, to minimize pores, or moisturizing (perfect for dry and without vigor).

Eye Primer

It improves the texture and evens out the skin on the eyelids, intensifies the tone of the eyeshadows, and guarantees durability and fixation, preventing the accumulation of the product in the region’s creases.

Eyelash Primer

Used to hydrate eyelashes and minimize mascara damage, this version also intensifies its effects, ensuring product hold and durability.

Lip Primer

Following the same concept as for the skin, but for the lips, the primer offers a protective layer between the lipstick and the mouth, evening out the application and ensuring more excellent finish and durability.

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