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Eyeliner Write For UsEyeliner is a cosmetic used for eye beauty. It using to define the shape of the eyes. Using this to draw around the eyes makes the eyes very beautiful to look at.

All ladies think they should be beautiful and their eyes are very important. The more attractive it is, the more beautiful it is. So using eyeliner for eye beauty makes the eye look very beautiful.

Earlier eyeliners were usually pencils, but now there are many types of eyeliners available in the market.

Pencil Eyeliner

An eyeliner pencil is for drawing a line on the eye. And it is very natural and easy to use. But I can say that it will be a little difficult for those who don’t know how to draw it compared to the rest.

Gel Eyeliner

You can use this to enhance the beauty of your eyes, and it is easy to use a brush because it comes in a bottle, unlike the usual gel eyeliner. Of course, getting the right brush online when using gel eyeliner is better, but you know a good shop and use it.

Liquid Eyeliner

For those who are just starting to apply makeup, those with more experience will find it very difficult. It is because the fluid is prone to failure and requires more skill from those using it. However, it has a significant advantage over other models. This product has stronger colour than others.

Things to Know About Using Eyeliner

Classic: Make this look your own by drawing a thick line to your upper lash line. It goes well with what you wear during the day. It takes a bit of fiddling to get it right, but you’ll do it easily in no time

Wing: Use a spoon or credit card to trace the perfect wing on your eyelid. It gives a good experience even to those who have never used any liquid eyeliner; as far as we know, movements of liquid eyeliner are very difficult.

Smokey Eye: For a smokey eye, all you need is a black kajal pencil. Close your eyelids, draw the top and bottom and combine the two. It is an excellent technique for anyone struggling to achieve a smoky eye look.

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