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What Makes Eyebrow Pomade the most Exciting Product to put on your Makeup?

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What makes eyebrow pomade the most exciting product to put on your makeup? – Are you looking for full on-trend brows? We tell you how the eyebrow pomade and why it will be the essential product in your toiletry bag.

Eyebrow Pomade the Most Exciting Product  – Who doesn’t care about having perfect eyebrows? Indeed the trend that prevails in the world of beauty, thick and natural eyebrows, makes you want the eyebrows of Lily Collins (one of the muses). One of the latest releases from Benefit Cosmetics has been a highly pigmented brow pomade.

Eyebrow Pomade

Why would you want to try it? Let us tell you more about this product that only has advantages. This eyebrow pomade stands out for its light, creamy and buildable formula that glides effortlessly over the hair of the eyebrow, allowing a matte and natural finish. Because of this If one of the leading brands in eyebrow makeup focuses its attention on this product and format, it must be for a reason. The innovative  POWmade Brow Pomade allows you to create incredible eyebrows in just a few strokes.

Eyebrow Pomade the Most Exciting Product  – How to Use Eyebrow Pomade

Benefit’s tip for using the brow pomade is to apply it with the Dual-Ended Angled Eyebrow Brush, a brush specially designed for exact application. In addition, they ensure that the container includes a built-in dispenser explicitly created to apply the right amount of product with which to achieve clean and controlled lines. As a result, there are already many influencers who have incorporated this eyebrow pomade into their daily makeup routine.

«You can have the best product, but if you don’t use the right brush to apply it, the result will not be what you expected. Choose one with a chisel tip to apply, and try a line on the back of your hand before going straight to your brows. If you want to soften the strokes, help yourself with a double-ended brush. One that on one side and the other, with a meeting that enables you to blend and create a defined and natural leave, “explains Gisela Bosque, National Makeup Artist at Sephora.

The brand already has other best sellers for eyebrow makeup such as Gimme Brow+ (a volumizing microfiber eyebrow gel), Precisely My Brow Pencil (fill-in eyebrow pencil) and 24 hr Brow Setter (transparent eyebrow fixer). Now bet on the eyebrow pomade that promises 36 hours of duration. A product that does not stain, does not transfer, is waterproof, does not dry out and is available in 8 shades.

Why Use Eyebrow Pomade?

Why Use Eyebrow Pomade?

“Some of the advantages of these types of formulas with such concentrated colours is that they are ideal for faking hairs in scant areas or for defining the shape of the eyebrow. In addition, they can always be used together with any other eyebrow product, for example, with a pencil”, explains Gisela Bosque.

Before a natural result, choose a shade similar to the colour of your eyebrow. “But if you want a more dense, shadowed effect. Combine two shades, taking into account both the colour of the hair and the colour of the eyebrow. The gradient will frame the look but without hardening it. Next, apply the lighter inner end towards the centre of the eyebrow and the darker ones towards the outside. Next, blur the cut with the brush of the brush, “recommends the expert.

Eyebrow Pomade the Most Exciting Product  – More Recommended Eyebrow Pomades

Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade

Also this brow expert’s signature is this waterproof, quick-drying gel cream that doesn’t drip or smudge all day. Its highly pigmented formula helps to create thicker eyebrows easily. Plus, she has  Brow Freeze Styling, a  customizable. Long-wear styling wax that straightens, disciplines, and sculpts brows to give you the style you’re looking.

Kiko Milano Lasting Eyebrow Gel

It is a long-lasting brow gel (up to 8 hours) to shape, fill in and define brows. It has an ultra-light, pigment-rich texture that provides an intense colour release. She is adjustable, allows you to create natural eyebrows, and is bold and sophisticated. It adheres perfectly, is waterproof, non-transfer and available in 6 shades.

24 H Super Brow by KVD Vegan Beauty

To sum up creating intense brows, KVD Vegan Beauty has developed an extremely innovative brow product: 24-Hour Super Brow, a long-lasting waterproof. So a creamy gel with a light texture. With this collection, offering 16 ultra-pigmented shades, KVD Vegan Beauty provides a solution to achieve bold brows quickly. They recommend applying this brow pomade gel with the #70 Pomade Brow Brush.

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade

So eyebrow pomade is available in five shades. Defines the brows with a wax-based formula and creamy texture making it resistant to water, wipes and sweat. Use NYX Tame & Frame Brow Fixer, complementing the colour of your brows. To apply it, make short movements following the natural growth of the hair.

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