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Aerobic Write For UsAerobic activities are those in which the person increases the heart rate while performing the exercise. To improve training, you need to go to the limit of effort. It makes breathing difficult.

A good example is walking. In it, the strides start slowly and increase until you start running. Of course, for beginners, increasing the pace is gradual. Such a progression can take weeks or even months.

One of the main characteristics of aerobic exercises is the transport and consumption of oxygen, which provides more energy for the muscles. Thus, many forces are worked during running, swimming, cycling, and jumping, which use oxygen to generate power and burn fat and glucose.

In addition to weight loss, aerobic activities offer other health benefits, such as metabolism stimulation. This means that calorie burning happens not only during training but also during the rest period.

Aerobic Activities Types

There are different types of aerobic exercises that you can include in your routine without necessarily going to the gym. Online classes and park slopes are great ways to get started.

Do you cycle to work every day? Yes, cycling is aerobic alongside other activities that you may already do naturally in your daily life without realizing that you are practicing physical exercise, such as dancing or going up and down stairs.

However, of course, after reading about aerobic exercise, you already know that it takes discipline and a lot of repetitions for results to become visible. Our tip is to choose a modality you like so it is easier to include it in your daily life. Check out other examples of activities of this type:

  • Run
  • Jump
  • Jump Rope
  • Walk
  • Swim


Moderate aerobic exercises increase heart rate without excessive acceleration, while breathing is a thermometer. Breathing increases subtlety, but the everyday conversation is possible. Relaxation is experienced through the release of pleasure hormones like endorphin, noradrenaline, acetylcholine, and dopamine