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Burn Belly Fat With Abs Punching Techniques Everyone Should Know Abs Punching

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Abs Punching

Abs Punching

Abs Punching is an abdominal exercise performed several times. And they are hitting the core area between repetitions. If you punch your abs, they won’t get bigger or stronger. But It will create fibre in stronger muscles. So because of that, they allow this punching in their abdominal.

Abs is also known as the six-pack. Most people wish to have six packs. To be like this, they do many kinds of exercises. Abs punching is one of them. These abs are punched to maintain a 6 pack and keep the stomach muscles strong.

Abs Punching Workout

Abs Punching Workout

You need to work out punching abs, but first, you need to stand in a strong in front of a man who is ready to hit you. Next, breathe properly and stand straight. Then the opposite should be punching with 80 to 90 per cent force on your abs. Doing this timed workout will result in better punching abs.

Another form of abdominal punching workout is with a medicine ball. Take a 15-pound medicine ball, and whoever wants to hit it should hit their abs. Getting hit with a medicine ball is also a type of workout in one of the abdominal punching. However, even if you do it with a medicine ball, your abs will become very strong, and you can easily beat whoever punches you in the stomach in the competition.

Abs Punching Benefits

Abs Punching Benefits

  • Abs Punching gives a lot of strength to your abs. So many people build their abs but don’t have strength; you can do this ab Punching to get the strength of your abs.
  • Most of the boxers or karate men preferred this  abdominal  Punching because They also needed to be strong to survive the hitting of their opposition. So boxers and karatemen do this abdominal punching to strengthen their abs. So that’s why abs punching is very important for abdominal strength.
  • abdominal punching has many benefits for boxers, who have to bear the brunt of the punches during their boxing time. That’s why practising this punching repeatedly will make their stomach muscles strong; then they will be able to withstand the punching of the opponent in the ring.

Belly Punch

Belly Punch

  • A belly punch is also done to get muscle twitch.
  • Doing belly punches makes the muscles in their stomach strong and fit.
  • A lot of fighters do this because, in a fight, there is a chance to survive when there is no punch to the stomach.

Abs Punching Techniques

Ab Punching Techniques

If anyone is doing punching practice in abs, its safety is most important. Because of abs, hitting is not only easy but also very hard. that way, if you take this precaution, technicians are more important. Do not do it without the trainer’s guidance if you want to do it.

Here are some Ab Punching Techniques

Choose Trainer partner: If you choose a training partner practising this ab punching, it will be better for you. Because your partner is a trainer, he will give you excellent suggestions for doing that time. When the Trainer partner hits your abs, whether he hit or not, and how much he will hit. The trainer has knowledge about this punching. He should be a trainer whenever you choose a partner; it is good for you.

Gloves: your partner must and should wear boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are also most important in the training of abdominal punching. Because whenever your partner hits your stomach, it will affect you. Whenever doing punching training, you should use gloves; it’s very useful for you. Using gloves is the best technique for abdominal punching.

sit-ups or crunches: abdominal punching is done for sit-ups or crunches, so it’s not a good idea to punch the abs. Instead, it is better to see how long to do it according to the trainer’s guides.

Abs exercises: you can choose abs exercises like situps on the floor and hanging from a bar; by doing these things, you can punch abs. Using these will give good results.


abdominal punching is one of the hardest workouts. So mostly boxers and fighters and Karate mans are preferred. Ab punching is good but hard to do. So one should be careful while punching abs; any negligence will not work. Moreover, doing it at home without trainers will harm their bodies. So it is very important to do ab punching with a good trainer.

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