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About Platinum vs White Gold – About, Differences and More

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Platinum vs White Gold

Platinum vs White Gold look like a pair, but many cannot tell the difference between the two metals; Some differences may affect which ones you buy. Although you would not know it, the main difference lies in the colour of its natural properties. Before the modification, Platinum had a natural white hue, while gold was more yellow.

In comparison, white gold is cheaper than Platinum. White gold is 75% pure, while Platinum is 95%. Also, Platinum is more critical than white gold despite being a softer metal. Because it’s a softer metal, that doesn’t mean it scratches more easily. Many customers don’t like it when the metal looks worn, giving the jewellery an antique look.

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What is White Gold?

Developed white gold was initially to copycat Platinum (a naturally white metal). All gold jewellery requires pure gold to be mixed with harder metals to increase durability and strength, and this is because pure gold is inherently a very soft metal.

Without the harder alloy metals, pure gold would bend easily, and that’s not good for jewellery. It has much more durability and value than silver, but it’s cheaper than Platinum if you’re on a budget.

The first step in choosing the flawless metal for your engagement ring is to know its difference. White gold is a widespread metal for engagement rings, having a more silvery hue in white gold.

What is Platinum?

Platinum is one of the minimum reactive metals. Even at high temperatures, it has outstanding corrosion resistance, considered a noble metal. Platinum is often created chemically uncombined as native platinum. It is a naturally occurring white metal, more occasional than gold, much heavier and more complex. Due to its hardness, Platinum can be used in a purer form than gold—usually around 95%. Consequently, platinum jewellery is more expensive than gold.

Pure Platinum is cheaper than pure gold. Also known for its strength and durability, Platinum was withdrawn from the market for military use during the war. It is safe to say that plan excisent is an excellent choice for people who want a sturdy engagement ring.

Differences between Platinum vs White Gold

Knowing the difference between them is a step in choosing the perfect metal for your engagement ring. White gold is a widespread metal for engagement rings, having a more silvery hue than white gold.

We are talking Platinum vs white gold here. Platinum is hypoallergenic, white gold is cheaper, and Platinum is lower maintenance. White gold is more affordable.

Both metals have apparent advantages, such as –


  • Fairly hypoallergenic
  • More durable (requires minor polishing)
  • It is naturally white (so no coating is needed)
  • It is heavier (so the value is higher than white gold)

White Gold:

  • Something brighter
  • It costs less than platinum
  • It has excellent durability to protect the stone.
  • It is the most prevalently metal choice when it comes to rings.

The five most important things to think about before choosing a metal.

1.  Platinum vs White Gold – Colour

White gold is not pure white metal but a combination of metals. “Gold is yellow, and to make it white, jewellers have to mix gold with other metals.

On the other hand, Platinum is naturally white and much rarer than white gold, and it does not mix with any alloy and keeps its colour.

2.  The Durability of Platinum vs White Gold

Both are durable for everyday wear and significantly more durable than yellow gold. White gold isn’t good at anything, and white gold is more complex than Platinum and scratches less, but Platinum is stiffer and better at holding the diamond in place long-term.

3.  Platinum vs White Gold – Maintenance

White gold needs to be plated and polished every six months, while Platinum is a type of metal that is taken and forgotten. A simple soap and water mixture is the best solution for cleaning these metals when cleaning white gold or Platinum. Regular cleaning at home and annual polishing will keep your ring as shiny as when you tried it.

4.  Price of Platinum vs White Gold

There are some factors to study when choosing your metal engagement ring. The cost belongs to the metals, and there are two things to learn about maintenance costs when looking at a price.

White gold is the more affordable option when it comes to tag price. It can maximise other aspects of your engagement ring, such as the diamond. Therefore, we always recommend that you buy white gold.

5.  Platinum vs White Gold – Popularity

trends arise and go, but there is one pure white metal that consistently tops the charts. “Platinum is always more popular than white gold for engagement rings, and it is a rarer and more durable metal.


Suppose you’re still unsure which metal is suitable for you. No problem! This is one of the last decisions you have to make. So why not wait until the end?

However, there are many other things to decide, such as the shape of your stone and the height of the bezel. In the meantime, request a free at-home trial and try on some white gold frames and see how they look on your skin tone.

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