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How To Select The Right Mattress For Better Sleep?

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How To Select The Right Mattress For Better Sleep? – Do you sleep well? Do you have back pain? Don’t you know how to choose THE mattress that will help you sleep better?

It is essential to have the correct information to choose the right mattress. Indeed, back pain is often the cause of the disruption of your sleep. Back pain is the “evil of the century,” and for a good reason: more than 80% of the population suffers it or has suffered from it live in France. Since pain is one of the main contributors to poor quality sleep, it is essential to determine the cause.

What If Your Bedding Was The Cause Of Your Back Pain And Trouble Sleeping?

It is essential to select a mattress that will not aggravate your back pain but, on the contrary, will soothe it. Indeed, when changing a bed, it is essential to make sure to choose it well because, if it is not suitable, it will only accentuate back pain instead of relieving it.  Especially since each of us spends a third of his life sleeping on average.

Between latex, pocket springs, memory foam, …, it is not so much the choices lacking on the market. Still, each person is different; the most important thing will be to consider your preferences for the desired comfort. Which mattress do you prefer? What criteria should you pay attention to if you suffer from back pain?

Here Are The Four Points To Absolutely Take Into Account Before Choosing Your Future Mattress!

To relieve back pain, the firmness of the mattress is the main element that must. Our body must be perfectly relaxed to recover and thus help the back relax completely. The support and reception of the mattress must be suitable for the future sleeper. The idea that a very fixed mattress is good for the back is far from true. When the bed is too firm, it does not promote the back’s natural curves, which increases stiffness. Conversely, when it is too soft, this can cause the pelvis to sag, thus generating a high cervical position compared to the lumbar.

The Level Of Firmness: Neither Too Hard Nor Too Soft

The ideal is to favor a mattress that is neither too firm nor too soft because it is the one that will keep the spine in a balanced and healthy alignment while relieving the various pressure points, especially at the level of the lower back, neck, hips, and shoulders.

Regardless of the firmness level of the mattress or the composition, you decide to opt for, keep in mind that it will inevitably sag and settle due to weight over the years. Therefore, it is essential to change your mattress maximum every ten years not to aggravate or cause back pain.

The Suspension: The Different Composition Choices

Above all, you should know the level firmness of a mattress varies according to its composition and thickness. The combination of several materials such as wool, silk, linen, or cotton allows the bed to be better quality and thicker.

Here are the four compositions that can on the bedding market:

Mattress For Better Sleep – Memory Foam Mattress

Mattress For Better Sleep – It is the best composition to wrap your body’s curves and support them throughout your sleep. All your pressure points are thus absorbed, and your spine is maintained in its natural position all night long. Another of the qualities of this kind of mattress is sleeping independence. Indeed, thanks to its viscoelastic foam, this mattress promotes the reduction of motion transfer and therefore prevents others from feeling their movements during the night (impact absorption).

Latex Mattress

Thanks to their natural composition, latex mattresses provide an excellent sleeping surface. They are made from a sustainable and ecological elastic material, guaranteeing a certified genuine provenance. These mattresses are known to be flexible, bouncy, and naturally resilient. They can be stretched at will.

It is a mattress with multiple advantages, particularly its ability to ventilate naturally and its comfort zones.

However, a mattress of latex. Some discomfort related to the tonicity of the reception and the flexibility of the structure may arise.

Spring Mattress

The new generations of this kind of mattress have individually pocketed springs, that is to say, that each spring is wrapped in a bag or fabric to make it more resistant and more stable. It is a mattress that is known to relieve back pain because, here too, the spine will remain correctly aligned and pressure points absorbed.

These mattresses are generally inexpensive and less durable over time.

Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine several materials, often springs and foam, or springs and latex.  Usually, a hybrid mattress is composed of a first reception layer of memory foam or latex, in addition to a structure of pocket springs and foam (polyurethane for example). Thus some of them combine the cooling advantages of latex with the exclusive properties of foams and pocket springs.

These mattresses provide good support, rebound, and extra ventilation.

Temperature Regulation

It is one of the elements that we tend to consider little, yet! Proper regulation of body temperature is necessary for quality sleep. Indeed, sleeping on a surface where you are neither too hot nor too cold is essential for regulating your pain threshold. Natural materials are known to ensure heat exchange better.

The Importance Of The Right Dimensions

Even if the space where you will install your bedding is somewhat limited, we keep in mind that your mattress must offer you quality sleep! We, therefore, avoid choosing dimensions that are too small. Although the size 140×200 cm is preferred by the French most of the time, it recommended adopting the sizes 160×200 and 180×200 cm because these will provide better comfort, and consequently, a better quality sleep, especially if one of the two partners tends to move a lot.

Little More Tips!

A Mattress Adapted To Your Size And Your Morphology

To optimize your comfort and spend pleasant nights, you must consider your size and your build. These will help you determine the dimensions that would suit you best.

Remember that you should favor a mattress length at least 20 cm longer than your height and breadth that will allow you to leave a correct and comfortable margin for your movements.

To Test Is To Approve

Test your mattress before purchasing because this will allow you to know which one meets your needs in terms of the desired comfort.

Trust Your Instincts

Finally, the subjective nature of choice is not to put aside because everything is a question of feeling. Indeed, pleasure is an essential component not for a successful sleep!

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