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Goya Awards 2022: Andalusian Accent in the Red Carpet Dresses

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Goya Awards 2022: Andalusian accent in the red carpet dresses – The night of Spanish cinema, the Goya Awards 2022, So has become one of the most relevant national fashion catwalks. After the pandemic, skirts of the actresses, their bets for the red carpet of the national film awards held in Valencia, were eagerly awaited.

Luckily, some Andalusian fashion firms were also present and had Andalusian actors, actresses, and filmmakers at the gala. Do you want to know who chose brands from our land for the 2022 Goya Awards?

Fernando Garcia, nominated for The Good Boss

The Sevillian costume designer Fernando Garcia has once again for his work in one of the most nominated films of the night. The Good Boss”. Unfortunately, this time he didn’t have the

 Red Carpet Dresses – Maria Jose Llergo of Religion

The Cordoba-born chose the Sevillian firm Religion (known internationally for its work with tulle and volumes) for her first red carpet at the 2022 Goya Awards. So giving her an extraordinary moment when she won the award for her song. Maria Jose Llergo was nominated for her theme for the film “Mediterranean” and opted for a sky blue tulle dress with a long train with ruffles that emulated that sea to which she sang… María, the designer of Religion, received the Bulevar Sur Award Revelation 2019  for its potential within the world of fashion.

Mariola Fuentes by Fernando Claro

I think Malaga-born actress Mariola Fuentes wore a piece from Fernando Claro’s NITRO couture collection. It is a black dress made of organza embroidered with silhouettes of wild animals in matching glitter: a round neck and long sleeves.

 Red Carpet Dresses – Belen Lopez by Manuel Zerpa

The Sevillian actress Belen Lopez has again entrusted her Goya look to the young designer from her land, Manuel Zerpa. The young man, who received the Bulevar Sur Revelation Award 2018, is the creator of the impressive black dress, with a long train. Pockets and an original bustier that the interpreter has worn.

The presenter Elena Sanchez of Fernando Claro

The presenter Elena Sanchez (from TVE), Before wore a piece from the NITRO couture collection, presented at the latest edition of MBFWMadrid. It is a black haute couture dress. As well as made of puffed silk taffeta at the bottom and a corset of “spaghetti” in silk satin. Sewn one by one to form the body’s shape.  Beatriz and Fernando Claro have worked together with their stylist Freddy Alonso.

Aitana Sanchez Gijon by Roberto Diz

Because of this although Roberto Diz is Galician. He is Sevillian by adoption. He has been from the Andalusian capital. From where he has taken off his career in the world of fashion dressing aristocracy and celebrities. He has been dressing actress Aitana Sánchez Gijon in her first nomination for a Goya award as best supporting actress in “Madres Paralelas”. Before a strapless dress with a jewel touch and neoprene that fit a glove made her one of the most elegant of the night.

Cristina Castano by Roberto Diz

Red Carpet Dresses – The actress was one of the first to arrive on the red carpet in an impressive dress with strategic transparencies and inlays by Roberto Diz. The design with a cape and bustier effect was one of the sexiest and most daring at the Goya Awards.

Paula Echevarria by Andrew Pocrid.

The actress Paula Echevarria wears a column silhouette made of black crepe. A set of fan-effect pleated ruffles stands out, framing the strapless neckline. Adorned with a Swarovski crystal braid by the Cordoban designer Andrew Posted.

 Red Carpet Dresses – Luisa Mayol by Andrew Pocrid

Red Carpet Dresses – Luisa Mayol, the actress and wife of Luis Tosar. Wore a dress with a fitted silhouette with long sleeves and a swan neck. Made of black velvet combined with Swarovski crystal mesh cuts with Andrew Pocrid’s aurora borealis sparkle.

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