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Prediabetes Write for Us: It will require knowing that diabetes is a chronic disease with a growth in glucose blood sugar levels due to the body’s difficulty processing this substance. The amount of glucose accumulated in the blood is called blood glucose, and its increase results in hypergolic Camia, which characterizes diabetes.

The problem can happen due to insufficient production or insufficient action of insulin and, in some cases, due to a combination of the two factors. Produced by the pancreas, insulin aims to lower blood glucose by causing the sugar in the bloodstream to be absorbed by the cells to use as a source of energy.

When insulin is available in small amounts or does not work correctly, the body has more glucose in the blood, triggering diabetes. Prediabetes, in turn, occurs when the metabolism of carbohydrates is altering, causing blood glucose levels to be higher than usual for the individual’s body, but not to the point of being configured as diabetes.

Prediabetes is a “red flag” for diabetes. However, it is still possible to prevent the body from evolving into a type II diabetes state, preventing complications and health problems.

Prediabetes is far from an ideal health scenario, but it could also be much worse. Nevertheless, patients who receive this diagnosis still have time to adapt their lifestyle and change their indicators to have a healthier quality of life, especially since diabetes is a chronic disease with no cure.

Prediabetes will consider when fasting glucose is between 100 and 125 mg/dl, diabetes is when the value is more excellent than 125 mg/dl, and the value considered normal for fasting glucose is up to 99 mg/dl. Thus, when a person has fasting blood glucose greater than 100 mg/dl, it is essential to be regularly monitor the doctor to check whether the levels are normal or if diabetes is developing.

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