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How to Solve Outlook [pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a] Error

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In Microsoft Outlook on your PC or Laptop, when shows this code  pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a, your Outlook has got some problems. Now you should solve this problem; if you do not solve this issue, you do not send emails through Outlook.

What is Microsoft Outlook Email?

Ms Outlook emails mean sending bulk emails through Outlook. It will be very useful for businesses and companies. If you send emails in bulk, It will save a lot of time.

What Is Mail

What Is Mail

Mails are the transfer of text from one person to another. So when the email is no longer in use, if you need to send any information, they will send it to another person through the postal service. If you send mail through the postal service, it will arrive in 2 or 3 days. So our message reaches the other person as soon as it is sent through the mail. It saves a lot of time. Nowadays, everyone depends on mail,

Causes Of Accrue When This Code pii_Email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a

When accruing this error in your PC or Laptop desktop, it means outlook emails are getting some issues in your pc. Here are some causes of acquiring this issue; if know-how did this problem arise, then you can solve this problem quickly.

  • If you do not clear your history of Outlook, it will affect you.
  • Poor internet connection.
  • When you open Outlook, your PC does not have the latest version installed
  • Using multiple accounts at a time.
  • Cache and Cookies do not cleaning regularly.
  • Updating New versions.

4 Methods to solve pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a Outlook Error code

Here are 4 methods to solve this error code. Solving these methods is very easy

Method 1: Repair Tool To Fix This Error pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a

If you got this error [pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a] in your Outlook. We have one tool that will help fix your outlook problem. Here are some instructions on how to use this tool and solve it.

Method 1 Repair Tool To Fix This Error [pii_Email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a]


  • First, open the control panel, and set up the tool on your PC. Then check whether the software is working are not.
  • Should activate the Microsoft Office 365 app for repairing purposes.
  • Then if the application starts, you should change the button and which patch is best, you should choose that one.
  • After that, you should click on a fix; then, you should follow the instructions on the windows screen.
  • Choose a fastening tool, and you should try to clean the version. And it’s very important.
  • After finishing this, you should restart your Outlook account; restating is the best option.

After trying the above process, the application does not open. You can go to 2 Methods. I hope 2 tips will help to fix this Ms [pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a] error.

Method 2: Delating Cache and Cookies

Method 2 Delating Cache and Cookies


  • Choose the file and options menu in Outlook. And clear cache and cookies in this file of Outlook.
  • After that, you log out of Outlook.
  • If you log out again, return to log in to Ms account.
  • After finishing this process then, you shut down your PC or Laptop. Then restart the laptop Or PC; when opening the PC, you should open an Outlook account. Then see the problem will be gone; you can continue your mails through Outlook,

If not solved, you can go to 3 Tips. I hope 3 tips will help to solve this [pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a] error.

Method 3: Microsoft Outlook Update Latest Version

  • First, check your PC and laptop because the latest version of Outlook will support it or not. Because some PC does not support new versions.
  • If your PC accepts this new version, then you can uninstall the old one then install the new one. If you update the new version, the old version files are shifted to the new version.
  • If you install a new version, first, you should back up all your old files; if you do not back up all files, it will go permanently.
  • If you install the new version, it shows the same error;

If the resolve ok if not solved, you can go to 4 Tips. I hope 4tips will help to resolve this Outlook [pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a] Code.

Delete Third-Party Email Applications, When Show pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a Error

  • Every time someone uses them, there are issues since the two messaging apps are at odds with one another.
  • If you are facing third-party application problems in outlook, a third-party app is one more cause for this [pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a] error code issue.
  • You should filter all untrusted third-party app mail in Outlook, And you should delete this on your PC or Laptop easily.
  • Open Ms Out look after removing the untrusted third-party app from your PC.
  • Then Check Outlook, and the problem is resolved.


If you try these 4 Methods to solve this [pii_email_96a71d706ac0e355e34a] error code issue, if you have not solved then you can mail it to the Microsoft Outlook service centre. They will give a good solution. Sometimes you will not solve some technical issues. The best option is to choose customer service.

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