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Manicure Trends to Start 2022

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Manicure trends to start 2022 – On or after regular nails to simple designs and less old-style colours, you can bet on any of these trends for your first trim of the year

Now that you’ve taken off your Christmas jumper (“ugly”) and you’ve started the year taking benefit of the sales to complete and renew your clothing. Indeed, you have yet to release some of your new purchases at sensible prices. And nothing better to attend your new “looks” than a trendy trim to renew the arrival of your hands.

Especially if you still have to replace your permanent Christmas manicure, you will be interested in this list of manicure trends to consider this 2022. These are some of the colours and styles that will take this year that has just begun. – Manicure trends to start 2022

Manicure Trends to Start 2022

When short nails seem to have regained ground and are worn just as (or more) than long ones, manicures are becoming subtle. Both in design and colour combinations. However, this does not nasty you must leave aside the vibrant colours. Thus, from the most natural nails to the less traditional colourful designs, you can bet on one of these trends for your first manicure of the year.

Emerald Green

The Mini Macaron (Emerald Green)

This deep and elegant shade is one of the must-haves for the fall/winter season. It is very flattering, both for light skin (at this time of year, no trace of tanning) and for darker skin. As well as versatile since it can accompany you both daily and on special occasions.

Very Peri

Pantone’s colour for this 2022 is a lavender tone with bluish nuances that are vibrant and magnetic on the nails. It combines wonderfully with jeans and clothes in white, grey, green, yellow, and many other shades because it favours a beautiful contrast.

It will be, without a doubt, one of the essential shades during the spring/summer season, thanks to the fact that it is a colour that highlights the tan of the skin (and combines perfectly with the typical palette of the hot months).

Caramel Brown

If you are a lover of brown enamels, another classic of the fall/winter season. We suggest this caramel tone with a warmer hue, which places it between red, orange and brown. It is a very versatile colour, ideal for dressing your nails on a daily basis and forgetting about them for a season, for example, with a semi-permanent manicure.

Without a doubt, this tone would be something like an intermediate tone between natural nails and the most vibrant trend colours.

Manicure trends to start 2022 – Cherry Red

Red nail polish is a basic dresser that we can wear at any time of the year because it is very versatile. However, for this 2022 and. Especially for this winter season. We suggest you go for a subtle and elegant cherry tone that is also easily combined with the entire wardrobe.

It is red with purple undertones that darken it. Ideal for short and long nail manicures. Wear it with gold midi rings as in the image for an even more flattering hands look. And it is that the gold jewellery creates a nice contrast in combination with this cherry tone and makes it even more elegant and chic.

Manicure trends to start 2022 – Natural Manicures

Following the trend that joined in 2021, nails in natural tones will continue to be the most this year. If you look closely, there is no self-respecting celebrity who has not worn them at some point during the last few months. They are the perfect combination of discretion and elegance. They are perfect for all kinds of occasions, from the banalest, on a day-to-day basis, to the most notable.

Although we are talking about natural manicures, The range of shades is quite broad, from pink to off-white, passing through the range of nudes. Always considering the skin tone and the effect we are looking for: more integrated or with a specific contrast.

Non-Traditional French

The French manicure is still a mine to be explored that can go a long way in 2022. Always depending on how creative and daring you are. First, however. You should be clear that the traditional designs (natural background, white edge) have become outdated. So what is in order is to bet on alternative colours and designs.

For example, negative designs (leaving the edge outlined and colourless). Original colours for the border (any of the above, pastel, neon, pink, metallic, red, black, etc.), gradients (“baby boomer »), patterned edges (checkered, polka dot, «animal print»), multicolour, geometric, with a double edge (top and bottom), etc. It seems that in this French manicure. For the moment, there are no limits.

“Minimal” Nails

Minimalist manicure designs have gradually found a niche in extra-long nails with ornate decorations based on beads and various effects—instead. This type of manicure by a simple design whose appeal lies precisely in its simplicity.

The result will be discreet but very chic. Whether it’s a dot, a subtle line, a sparkly touch somewhere on the nail, or a mini bead.

Manicure with Sticker

The latest trend in home manicures is stickers applied to the nail and adjusted with the nail file to adapt. The length. It is an option that will allow you to create attractive manicure designs. Like those seen on social networks without being an expert or having specialized materials at home.

Now it only remains to know what new trends will emerge throughout 2022. Surely it will not disappoint us!