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Indian Films To Watch On Independence Day

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Indian Films To Watch On Independence Day

Hey there, filmy patriots! With Independence Day approaching, it’s time to unleash your Desi soul and dive into the world of Indian film. Prepare to salute the tricolor, hum a rare patriotic tune, and appreciate heart-thumping, tear-jerking, and fist-pumping moments with our prudently curated list of the top 5 patriotic Indian movies. From Cricket matches to battlefield battles, these glances will remind you why being Indian remains oh-so-awesome!

Either the well-known patriotic songs or incredible performances by some of the best actors in India, these films are sure to make you feel enthusiastic and honored. Therefore, pop some corn in the comfort of your home and illuminate it with the flag colors’ shining spirit. And be ready for a series of movies that not only brings entertainment but also makes you remember your son who their blood to gain our nation. Happy Independence Day!

Importance of Indian Films in Celebrating Independence Day

Indian film has a critical role in celebrating Independence Day due to inherent national pride and the preservation of history and culture. They symbolize the toll taken on freedom fighters and their challenges in fighting for independence. Here are a few reasons why Indian films are essential in commemorating this day:

  • Preservation of History: They act as visual archives that collect the saga of revolutionists and the path to freedom.
  • Cultural Representation: Indian cinema is a meeting place of different cultures and languages. Through films from various areas, diverse cultures, traditions, and languages are exposed, promoting unity among people from all regions.
  • Inspiring Patriotism: Patriotism and love for the country are themes that dominate many Indian films. They make viewers feel that it is something to be proud of being an Indian and thus contribute towards building the nation.

Indian Films To Watch On Independence Day 2024: List of Patriotic MoviesIndian Films To Watch On Independence Day 2024_ List of Patriotic Movies

Before the 77th Independence Day, look at the top Hindi patriotic movies that will help have the fire of nationalism alive and the spirit of nationalism invoked.

Independence Day 2024: We have all grown up watching patriotic movies that ignite our patriotic fervor and leave us teary-eyed. Before the 77th Independence Day, look at the top Hindi patriotic cinemas that will help keep the fire of loyalty alive and the spirit of nationalism invoked.

Lagaan – Cricket Fever with a Side of Rebellion

Absorbed by Ashutosh Gowariker, “Lagaan” is the final underdog tale set during the British Raj. Picture this: Cricket meets patriotism as many villagers challenge their foreign rulers to a cricket match. If they win, there will be no taxes for three years! It’s like a charming blend of the ruralities alongside the British Raj, sprinkled with the extra zing provided by Amir Khan’s magnetic on-screen persona.


Created on the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971, Border is a box office hit depicting the events that unfolded during the war. It features actors like Sunny Deol, Suniel Shetty, and Jackie Shroff.


The Bollywood hit is based on tax and remains set in the British colonial era in India. The movie featuring Aamir Khan highlights the plight of villagers burdened by taxes. It further depicts a contest thrown by a British official to lose them in Cricket to avoid paying the taxes.


Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Swades remains based on the life of a well-settled Indian employed for NASA. Upon his short vacation to India, he remains saddened by the condition of the people in his hometown and offers his life to develop the region.


Set in the setting of Kuwait, the film remains based on actual events and depicts the event of Iraq invading Kuwait. Subsequently, 10000 Indians got stuck in the war-ravaged nation and remained able to return to their country safely with the help of a messiah. The movie features artistes such as Nimrat Kaur, Akshay Kumar, and Purab Kohli.

Animated Films for Kids

For Kids’s independence Day, animated films combine education with entertainment and give the same purpose. These movies not only engage children but make them love their country and be proud of it. Some popular animated films that capture the essence of Independence Day include:

  • “Krishna Aur Kans”: This fascinating movie tells the story of Lord Krishna and his war against Kan’s evil king. It portrays how brave and Righteous lord Krishna was, hence the best for children on Indian Freedom Day.
  • “Chhota Bheem: “Kung Fu Dhamaka”: This popular, animated movie is based on the character of Chhota Bheem with action and adventure along with morals. It teaches the children the importance of unity, persistence, and struggle for a more significant cause.
  • “Hanuman”: This animated film narrates the life story of Lord Hanuman, a significant figure in the Indian epic, Ramayana. It portrays qualities that define courage, loyalty, and selflessness and inspire young minds to hold on.


As the curtains draw on this filmic journey through the heart of Indian patriotism, we hope you’re as happy as we are about celebrating our nation’s independence with a Desi twist. These top 5 patriotic movies are more than just stories. they reflect the resilience, courage, and unity that define our incredible country. The fun doesn’t stop there! As you gear up to watch these imaginary films, how about adding a layer of comfort to your movie marathon?

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