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Gloria Crucis Cattedra pdf : The Gloria Crucis Chair will establish the Interprovincial Community of Passionists of Italy (CIPI) on the initiative of the Congregation of the Passion of Jesus to foster memory of the Passion of Christ and deepen awareness of its significance and value for every man and the life of the world. The most potent treatment for the world’s problems is the Passion of Christ, which St. Paul of the Cross called “the greatest and most amazing labour of divine love.”

It is the core of the specific purpose of the Church: “We preach Christ crucified” (1 Cor 1:23), along with the additional proclamation that “He is risen” (Mt 28:6). The only mystery of salvation is understanding the Passion of Christ and Man.

The Chair is an interdisciplinary operational organization, and all activities will manage by the pro tempore Rector of the Pontifical Lateran University, who also grants permission to implement the yearly activity plan to the Chair’s Director. Therefore, the CIPI suggests that a professor be the Director of the Chair per the Pontifical Lateran University’s Rector.

Research Area Financial Market Law Chair Of Caritas

The Chair serves as an example of the legal framework that governs financial markets, exceptionally regulated markets where financial products (such as stocks, bonds, and government bonds) will exchange. Legislative Decree 24 February 1998, No. 58 (“Consolidated text of legislation on financial intermediation”) and the associated implementing Consob rules govern the topic.

Contemporary ideas and the Saint Thomas Chair

Department of Philosophy – pdf

All faculties and institutes affiliated with or formed at the Pontifical Lateran University will collectively refer to the Chair, an interdisciplinary operating framework. The pro tempore rector of the PUL, who approves the implementation of the yearly action plan suggested by the Chair Director, oversees all activities carried out by the Chair pdf

. In cooperation with the Deans and Deans of the University, the Rector names the Director of the Chair for a three-year term and the Scientific Committee.

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The Chair’s Objectives Are As Follows: pdf

  • Encourage cultural communication with educational, pontifical, and governmental organizations and institutions interested in studying St. Thomas Aquinas in depth, particularly with the Pontifical Academy of St. Thomas.
  • To promote the study of St. Thomas by awarding scholarships and prizes for deserving doctoral dissertations in the field of Thomistic studies
  • Hold annual philosophical, historical, theological, and legal courses focusing on St. Thomas’s thought and its context in time

Dean Of The Faculty Of Canon Law, Cardinal Roberti

The Cardinal Roberti Chair will primarily intend to promote study initiatives (conferences, courses, publications) characterized by the comparison between the canonical procedural system and other secular procedural systems, in keeping with what was the central doctrinal intuition of the well-known processualist Francesco Roberti, as well as an esteemed professor of the Institutum Utriusque Iuris.

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About Pontifical Lateran University- pdf

About Pontifical Lateran University

The Faculties of Theology and Philosophy of the Roman College were given to the clergy of Rome by Pope Clement XIV in 1773, marking the beginning of the Pontifical Lateran University. Pope Leo XII moved the institution to the Sant’Apollinare Palazzo in 1824, changing its location.

Pius IX founded the Pontifical Institute Utriusque Iuris, the Faculties of Canon Law, and Civil Law in 1853.

The Athenaeum gained its current structure when Pius XII established the Pontifical Pastoral Institute in 1958. Redemptor hominis, the title of Pope John Paul II’s first encyclical, was later used to dedicate the institute. John XXIII recognized it as a Pontifical University the following year.

Principal Possibilities – pdf

Internationality: More than 200 instructors from more than 20 different nations; more than 40 venues; a venue where students from more than 105 other countries may get together and share ideas

studying the Italian language and culture, studying Latin and Greek, studying advanced language training learning other languages on-site or at linked facilities overseas pdf :Individualized instruction for each student – Services for welcoming new students – All students have access to practical diplomatic support; they can also get academic help by having a tutor or student advisor assigned to them.

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