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food chainThe food Chain is a chain that supplies energy from one organism to another. Energy means food; there are many types of organisms in our environment, and one organism becomes food for another organism. Food Chain explains this completely.

In the food chain, there are food levels called trophic levels. There are 3 to 4 trophic levels is there. In this always, energy will go lower level to the upper level.  Like in the lower level has grass, then grass for other animals. It always goes through a line-linking process, one animal to another animal depends, and this linking is a food chain. This food chain has two types

Types of Food Chains

Grazing Food Chain

grazing food chain: in this food chain, the levels will go lower level to higher level means the first will come gross. The grazing food chain will always start with grass. Here are some trophic levels of the grazing food chain.

Grass: The grass will produce food to own. Like they will take photosynthesis from the sun.

Grasshopper: Grasshopper uses grass as their food.

Frog: Grasshopper becomes frog food.

Snakes: Frogs are eaten by snakes.

Eagle: We see that Eagel ate Snakes.

Thus one depends on the other in the following chain. As energy is dependent from one to another, their energy is food; it goes like a chain, so this process is called a food chain.

  • Detritus Food Chain

This food chain begins with dead living substances, such as dead animals or plants, and the decomposers, such as mushrooms and microorganisms, that break down the organic matter. The decomposers are then consumed by detritivores, such as earthworms or millipedes, which marauders destroy.

  • Parasitic Food Chain

This food chain includes a parasite, which feedstuffs on its host. The host is typically a primary or minor consumer, and the parasite may be a hunter or a decomposer. The parasite may weaken or kill the host, which becomes a food source for scavengers or decomposers.

It is worth noting that food chains are interconnected, and each type of food chain contributes to the overall food web of an ecosystem.


The food Chain is the most important process for human life. Because without energy, we can’t survive on the earth. Energy Means food; everyone needs food on the planet. So everyone depends on another one.

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