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Faux Mink Eyelashes – About, Difference, Cost, and More

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Faux mink eyelashes are also very popular. However, they are not natural mink and are made of synthetic fibers. At this point, you’ll be happy to know that false eyelash are a bit thicker than mink eyelashes. However, it is generally not as comfortable as a natural mink.

Faux mink is usually for women who want a mink-like effect but don’t want real mink fur.

Here are some highlights of using faux mink lashes:

  • Not tested on animals
  • Light but not as creamy as the original
  • Soft
  • More choices of eyelash styles
  • Cheaper than real mink

Since these lashes are Faux mink, the brand can offer a variety of styles, unlike actual mink lash manufacturers. If you choose a faux mink, you can still have natural-looking lashes, but you can also have a fuller, softer, and more dramatic style.


Difference Between Mink and Faux Mink Eyelashes

The main difference between mink and Faux mink eyelashes is the material, cost, and various sources. Faux mink is created to mimic the effect of natural mink, so the overall look and feel of both eyelash types are very similar. If using only natural ingredients is of the utmost importance, you can be a fan of natural mink lashes. However, if treating animals is more important to you, Faux minks are the way to go.

Simply put, Faux Mink is a premium synthetic lash designed to mimic the quality and delicacy of natural mink lashes. It’s a vegan-friendly option made from synthetic fibers, but the technology has improved over the years to make it look more natural than earlier.

How does it Relate to Natural Mink eyelashes?

How does it Relate to Natural Mink eyelashes

It depends on the brand of faux mink lashes you try, each may have its construction method, and some can plasticize your entire lash without the use of soft tape, making it stiffer and harder to apply from a soft material such as cotton. This is a case of error and trial.

False eyelashes also tend to be slightly shinier than natural mink hair. It’s always easy to spot, but no one would be smarter unless they walked the red carpet during the Oscars season and got a strobe light.

Do they last that long?

This also varies a lot by brand, but in our experience, Faux mink lashes are reusable. You should find out if they use plastic or cotton bands or try out your lashes and see what the quality of the makeup looks like.

How much do Faux Mink Eyelashes cost?

Like silk lashes, a pair of mink lashes average between $18 and $25. However, eyelash types such as silk, faux, and real mink lashes have advantages, trade-offs, and price points.

In general, we try to recommend the best for each customer’s needs. In our experience, only a few factors are essential.

  • Quality
  • Cost point
  • Material (real fur or vegan friendly)


Unlike faux mink and other synthetic alternatives, mink lashes do not retain curls. Therefore, you should roll up yourself regularly. Faux Mink: An option for natural mink with a similar light feel. Faux mink is well for people with allergies or an ethical dislike of fur. You can get your eyelash extensions wet, but you should avoid immersing or submerging your eyelashes entirely in water. Washing or showering on the day of application is also OK! Hot and steamy showers are fine too. Faux mink lashes can last from 5 days to 8 weeks, depending on the type of application. Once the beautician applies the individual lashes, they last for 6-8 weeks. However, it is usually necessary to pre-populate.


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