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How to Care Beauty Nails Our Life

How to Care Beauty Nails

Beauty Nails: Many women pay special attention to the beauty of their nails. They also go to beauty parlours to make their nails look more beautiful if we consider how to maintain the beauty of such a nail.

If the nail looks light pink, it should be considered beautiful. If it turns green, it means there is something wrong with it. That’s why we should take care of the beauty and health of the nails.

The thin layer on top of the nail is the beauty of the nail. Therefore, they want to apply oil to the nail. Beauticians say that putting one or two drops of coconut oil on the nail and rubbing it slowly will make it shiny and smooth.

Also, those who wear nail polish should wear quality polish. It is advised not to wear any polish for more than 30 days. You should apply nail polish only after applying a good quality base coat. It is more comfortable for those who use dark nail polish.

Beauty Nails for Moisturizing

Moisturizing is very important for beautiful nails as doing this helps the nails to be not only beautiful but also healthy and strong. It is why it is very good to make a habit of moisturizing every day.

Do Not Put Your Hands In Your Mouth

Saliva is acidic and very harmful to the health of the nails,” says the hand master at Visage Coiffure in Rio de Janeiro. Says chiropractor and podiatrist Heloiza Gomes. When your nails are more fragile, you Should avoid this habit immediately after finishing them.

Respect The Natural Shape Of The Nails

When filing your nails, remember to consider the natural texture. Naturally, round nails that are filed squarely, for example, are prone to breakage and will not grow.

Take A Break Between Enamelling

The enamelling process in beauty nails can damage the nails. Therefore, after removing the nail polish, the nails should rest for some time. Manicurist Heloiza Gomes recommends that this time be at least 12 hours.

Have Your Manicure Kit

Your manicure supplies — sandpaper, pliers, spatulas, etc. — are essential to ensuring your health. However, if you don’t have your kit and want to get your nails done with a manicure, always look for places that use sterilized or disposable products.

Do Not Pull The Cuticle Skin

The only tip in beauty nails is not to break any skin that may bother you. Likewise, don’t pick at peeling nails. These habits attack the cuticles and nails.

Abolish the Use of Latex Gloves in Beauty Nails

In the same way, contact with cleaning products can be harmful; latex gloves can also harm nails. Also, pay attention to gloves that are “dry” on the inside: wash your hands thoroughly after using them.

I Prefer Nail Polish Removers

Acetone dries nails and is more aggressive than other nail polish removers. When choosing a product, special removers not made with acetone promote nail hydration. However, sometimes nail removal can cause problems, so it is important to test before using Anati products.

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Invest In Oils For Hydration For Beauty Nails

“The best way to moisturize the nail is with oils. This can be mineral or almond oil,” suggests dermatologist Alessandra Drummond.

Do Not Leave The Nail Polish On The Nail For Too Long

It is common to be satisfied with long-lasting nail polish without peeling on the nails. However, try not to leave the same nail polish on the nails for a long time – after all, it will recommend that they have some time without product to breathe.

Be Careful When Cutting Corners For Beauty Nails

Over-trimming the corners of your nails can cause them to grow differently, causing ingrown nails. Cutting straight corners on nails and fingernails is ideal.

Avoid Excessive Contact With Water

Too much water can harm the health of the nails. Ideally, the contact time with water should not be too long, in addition to drying them well after wetting them. Excessive contact can weaken nails.

 Use Hypoallergenic Products

Anyone allergic to enamel and still doesn’t want to give up enamel should always choose hypoallergenic products. Look for symptoms, usually itchy skin, in places with contact with the enamel.

Some Beauty Nails

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