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Alineaciones de Selección de Fútbol de Uruguay Contra Selección de Fútbol de Corea del Sur

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Alineaciones de Selección de Fútbol de Uruguay Contra Selección de Fútbol de Corea del Sur


Uruguay and South Korea will officially debut in the World Cup in Qatar today, Thursday, November 24, at 2:8 p.m. Both teams will play the first match in Group H, with strong Portugal and Ghana teams participating.

The Uruguay team is starting its quest at the World Cup in Qatar. They’re trying to win a third star there. After today’s match against South Korea, Portugal will face Portugal on Monday the 28th at 8:12 am, and on Friday, at 4:00 pm, December 2 is against Ghana.Uruguay and South Korea lineups

Uruguay and South Korea lineups

Uruguay lineup:

Rochet; Martin Caceres, Godin, Gimenez and Olivera. Faith Valverde, with his neighbor Bentancur, also joined in playing soccer. Even Pellistri, Luis Suarez, and a player called Darwin Nunez played together.

South Korea lineup

Jung Na and Jae Sung Lee also join Beom Hwang to work with Heun Seng Son from the Eui Jo Hweang team.

Timing and TV channel to see Uruguay vs South Korea in Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The 2022 Qatar World Cup match between Uruguay and South Korea in Group H will be played today, Thursday, November 24, at 2:12:00 at the peninsula appears on TV through Gol Mundial channel and by Radio MARCA’s story. And with live remarks from

Uruguay vs. South Korea: lineups for the match on date 1 of Group H of the Qatar 2022 World CupUruguay vs. South Korea lineups for the match on date 1 of Group H of the Qatar 2022 World Cup

On Thursday, the Uruguayan and South Korean teams will play their first match in Group H of the 2022 World Cup, which will remain in Qatar. The City of Education stadium is where these teams will debut in the World Cup. They want to begin it in a significant way. Here, we give you the lists of players for the game.

Diego Alonso’s “La Celeste” is making its first appearance in a World Cup. It is the fourth time that Luis Suarez, Edinson Cavani, Diego Godin, Fernando Muslera and Martín Cáceres have taken part there too. He gets into this game because he does well in the South American Qualifiers and has a strong finish. While that, he tried out many players who today have their chance in this tournament.

The Asian Tigers team greatly depends on their best player, Heung-min Son. Even though he needed surgery for an eye injury and must wear a mask during the game, he can still play. On their way to Qatar 2022, they did much better than the AFC Qualifiers by coming in second place. It was during Group A of the last round.


Did Portugal lose to South Korea?

South Korea had a fantastic last-minute win against Portugal to ensure they moved forward in the big games. They managed this even though it seemed unlikely at first.

Where does Uruguay compete in the World Cup?


Uruguay is in Group A with France, New Zealand, Italy, and Africa 1. They will play against each other.

Who will win between Uruguay and South Korea?

Thus, the expected lineup is the one composed of Rochet: M. Caceres, Gimenez, Godin, and Olivera; Valverde stood helped by Bentancur, a Neighbor with the support of Of ​​Arrascaeta worked towards helping Luis Suarez and Darwin Nunez to reach their goals.

Is Morocco doing well in the World Cup?

Classification. The Moroccan soccer team started its journey to the World Cup in the second round of African qualifiers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no games were played in 2020. The selection process started again in September 2021 with the six games for the second stage.

When does Uruguay vs South Korea play?

Uruguay tied with South Korea 0-0 ( Nov. 24, 2022 ) – ESPN in Mexico.

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