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Prepare a Healthy Weekly Menu

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Prepare a healthy weekly menu – Actually Liking a full daily blackboard is key to looking and feeling good. And it is that Food has an essential effect on arrival and well-being. For example, if you play sports and want to lead a healthy life, a weekly fitness menu seamlessly complements your training or day-to-day life. So we propose a healthy weekly menu with practical advice to make it very easy for you. They are tasty and easy to prepare plates. And by following this preparation and guidelines, you will see that eating well is easy and that you enjoy it.

Healthy Weekly – During each day of the fit weekly menu, you can eat a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil and herbs and spices to give more flavour to your dishes healthily and lightly.

Monday, Healthy and Diverse Menu to Jump the Week off True

The first day of this well weekly menu is straightforward to show how easy it is to take care of yourself. Use a light salad bandage with no more than half a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.  In addition, you can add fresh herbs to the omelette at night to improve the flavour. Chives are great. Monday meals are:

Breakfast. A glass of semi-skimmed milk or vegetable drink with six tablespoons of oat flakes and a banana.

Monday, Healthy and Diverse Menu to Jump the Week off True
Half morning. Six walnuts and an orange
Food. A salad prepared with escarole, a handful of cherry tomatoes, 20 grams of whole meal pasta and one Teaspoon of black sesame seeds. A grilled turkey fillet seasoned with pepper and oregano as a second Course. For dessert, a tangerine.
Snack. Low-fat yoghurt and a slice of whole meal bread with a piece of defatted ham.
Dinner. Mushroom omelette made with one egg and two egg whites. For dessert, a fruit salad of strawberries and pineapple.

Healthy Weekly – Tuesday, Tasty Food to Enjoy a Healthy Menu

If you repeat this healthy weekly menu over several months, you can change the vegetables that accompany the lentils. Thus, if one week you use chard, the next you can use spinach. And to the other, watercress.

Breakfast. Low-fat yoghurt with a quarter of a mango and a kiwi. Four tablespoons of oat flakes, rye and teff.
Mid-morning. Eight raw almonds and two tangerines.
Food. First, some lentils with chard, tomato and spices. Then, he rolls grilled salmon and an apple for dessert as a second course.
Snack: A slice of wholemeal bread with 10 grams of cottage cheese and 10 grams of dried tuna chips or tuna mojama.
Dinner. Half avocado salad with an orange and 1 diced grilled chicken fillet.

Healthy Weekly – Wednesday, Healthy and Delicious Menu

It uses pure peanut paste without added fats or sugars. Steamed clams are tastier if you open them with half a lemon, a clove of garlic and fresh parsley.

Breakfast. A glass of semi-skimmed milk or vegetable drink with four tablespoons of muesli. A pear.
Mid-morning. Ten raw hazelnuts. One banana
Food. Couscous with pepper and mushrooms. A wheel of grilled hake. A cup of strawberries.
Snack. A slice of wholemeal bread spread with a tablespoon of pure peanut paste. And an orange.
Dinner. Roasted artichoke over half a glass of cooked brown rice and steamed clams. For dessert, a pear.

Thursday, the Middle day of the Healthy Weekly Menu

Thursday’s Snack from the healthy weekly menu includes smoked cod. If you have trouble finding it, you can substitute it with sliced ​​desalted cod.

Breakfast. Low-fat yoghurt with blueberries and currants and two sugar-free oatmeal pancakes.
Mid-morning. 6 walnuts and two tangerines.
Food. Aubergine and roasted red peppers, with four grilled sardines and cooked buckwheat. An apple for dessert.
Snack sliced wholemeal bread with half an avocado and 10 grams of smoked cod.
Dinner. Green asparagus with grilled rabbit cutlets and cooked millet. Dessert pineapple.

Friday, Healthy and Varied Menu

You can also prepare sea bass in the microwave. In 3 minutes at maximum power, open on a plate; it is perfect.

Breakfast. A glass of milk kefir with strawberries and four tablespoons of oat flakes.
Mid-morning. 6 pecan nuts and a banana.
Food. Quinoa salad with bell pepper, tomato and cucumber. We grilled a lean beef burger. For dessert, a pear.
Snack. Slice of wholemeal bread with roast turkey and white asparagus tips.
Dinner. Grilled mushrooms with roasted sea bass with garlic and an orange for dessert.

Saturday, Tasty and Healthy Diet

If you can’t find teff pancakes, you can have buckwheat or oatmeal pancakes. Grilled endives can work with endive salad.

Breakfast. A teff crepe with blueberries and three tablespoons of nonfat spreadable cheese.
Mid-morning. Eight almonds and a banana.
Food. First, a chickpea and sesame hummus with carrot and zucchini sticks. As a second, a roasted rabbit leg and for dessert a kiwi.
Snack. Slice of wholemeal bread with pure nut paste.
Dinner. First, some grilled endives with a light vinaigrette. A sautéed peas with cuttlefish or squid as a second course and a raspberry and apple salad for dessert.

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Sunday, a Delicious day for the Healthy Weekly Menu

Natural popcorn does not contain fat or salt. You can give them a touch of flavour with spices. For example, with chilli flakes. Or with curry powder.

Breakfast. Two oatmeal pancakes with banana wheels.
Mid-morning. Low-fat yoghurt with ten hazelnuts and a pear.
Food. Brown rice salad with half an avocado, grilled tuna cubes, orange segments and a teaspoon of flax seeds. And an apple.
Snack. A cup of natural popcorn. Half a glass of milk kefir.
Dinner. Zucchini, chicken, aubergine and mushroom skewers roasted or grilled with six tablespoons of cooked millet. And a fruit salad of kiwi and strawberries.

Because of this healthy weekly menu repeated several weeks. It is a great way to take care of yourself by maintaining a balanced diet. And being varied and tasty will motivate you to continue with your goals of eating healthy.

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